Monday, January 26, 2015

January 26, 2015 -- Vision, Goals and Plans

Dear familia,

This week has been good, and hard but good.

Different languages:  We taught Mario, we met him at a Mexican Restaurant and he reads El Libro de Mormon with us at Subway once a week.  He is really quiet, but maybe he'll start to open up one day.  We also taught a black guy named TJ.  He's from Florida and talks SO FAST - and with a weird southern florida drawl, he was telling us a story about a fight he got in once, and then after he was done he looked at the blank stares on both of our faces, cause we didn't understand a word of what he said and laughed.  It was like a different language!  haha. Then there's always the classic Southern families, one mom picked up her little boy by his feet and he yelled in the most adorable little souther accent, "Hay-elp! I'm upside day-own!"  And now we say that all the time :)

Book of Mormon power: Paige is reading the book of 3 Nephi before Valentine's day.  We visited her and read with her, she is out of town this weekend and the next so won't be able to come to church for a bit, but I really hope she receives an answer soon. I too am reading the BOM in 40 days and it's been really great so far, I'm underlining everything about Christ.
Hastening the Work in the gap: On Thursday we had a really great relief society activity in the Cumberland Gap ward.  The Presidency decided to have the theme be "Hastening the work", and it was really great!  It started with an inspiring talk and then there was a panel of 2 recent converts, 2 returned sister missionaries in the ward, and Hermana Loper and I, and we answered questions that the sisters had about sharing the gospel and keeping the Spirit with us.  It was a great inspiration to everyone there!

We also spoke in sacrament meeting on Sunday, Brother Williams asked us to speak out of our hearts about an experience when we were able to teach someone a principle of the gospel in the Savior's way.  It was my first time going up without any kind of notes, and I told an experience from the CCM, and related it to how I was just starting out in sharing the gospel but it came to me what to say because of preparation, and testified that the members can have the same experience as they teach other's in the Savior's way.

His Work, His Way, By His Power: We had Zone Meeting on Friday.  It was about Vision, Goals and plans.  It was very inspiring.  President Griffin always gives such inspirational trainings, he talked about his vision for the TKM is to convert 3000 souls and be able to provide a temple for the people of Knoxville TN.  It was awesome to think about the work we do and how it effects that broad vision. A vision is the broad view of where you want to be, the goals are the steps to get there, and the plan is what you'll do to accomplish the goals.   This principle truly relates to every aspect of our lives.  When we use the power of Agency, we can set and achieve our goals. 

So that being said, Hermana Loper and I know that we may not be able to have super high goals for the transfer, but there are many things we do have power over, like ward involvement, and learning and teaching as a companionship, and unity.  I am personally going to make some changes that I feel need to be made to be a better trainer and missionary and make more of an influence in the lives of those around me.  We had a companionship inventory this weekend, and were able to discuss how we feel, I found out that I haven't been sharing responsibility enough, I have been dominating too much and not teaching.  But my companion is helpful by being up-front about it, so I am able to notice what I've been doing and try to stop, teach, and try again.

It's amazing how I can feel the power of Christ's Atonement picking me up in moments like this.  It is the most amazing thing to learn about, and the most transcendent act in the history of the world! I am so happy I have a Savior that loves and leads me, and teaches me.

OHHH!!! Then President Griffin also informed us that on the 16/17th of February that Elder Christofferson is coming to visit!!!!!!!  I can't believe it, I am just a little excited. 

Keep praying for us that we can have an AMAZING 5 weeks here in the Gap.  That is my greatest desire right now.

I love hearing about all the great things you're doing and I LOVE YOU!

Hermana Collier
Tennessee Knoxville Mission
His Work, His Way, By His power

No pictures this week because my memory card got stolen out of a library computer...praying it turns up though cause those are some presh memories!!

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