Wednesday, October 30, 2013

October 28, 2013 -- I Love Tough Things!!

HOLA Familia.

Entonces, first you should know that that is one of our mission themes: "I love tough things!" This statement has definitely helped me this week.  It is kind of hard to learn how to react well to things that you don't have ANY control over!  I know that is one reason I am here is to learn how to let it all go, and know Heavenly Father is in control.

 This week we were with the Elders at a part-member family's home for dinner.  The grandma, who was Less Active loved music, and the non-member husband was in the next room.  We hardly had time for a real lesson after dinner, and so Elder Anderson suggested we sing a song instead.  The grandma was delighted, we sang for them and the Spirit was so strong! And guess what?  Because we sang "Joseph Smiths First Prayer", the husband was got to hear our message, even though he wasn't in the room.

Yesterday I was able to speak in church, which went well, and afterward the 11 yr old investigators Haley and Kaley gave me the sweetest hugs. They are quickly progressing and understanding, but please continue to pray for those girls!  We got a new investigator named Ronny, who is very open to the church, and aware of God's hand in his life.  He is pretty great and I'm excited to keep teaching him. Last week we almost dropped an investigator Felicia because she hadn't responded to any calls/texts/anything for a week.  But we got to see her last night, and boy am I glad we didn't give up on her!  Her countenance had ENTIRELY changed.  We asked her to tell us what had happened and she told us a whole story--basically her boyfriend had been making bad decisions and she didn't know what to do, but she said that she "gave it all to God."  She looked and acted like a different person!  And she turned to the book of Mormon in this time of trial, and was able to find comfort.  I am soooooo excited to teach her again tonight!

We were talking with a recent convert this week before she went to on a trip to visit her boyfriend. We asked, "Miranda, what is the law of chastity to you?" She simply replied, "It is Sufferin'!" Haha we had a pretty good laugh about that one.  But in all seriousness, I am learning a lot about and gaining a testimony in the law of chastity.  It is one that you can directly see the blessings in your life when you obey it and directly see the trials that come from disobeying it when you don't!   In that way this principle is easy to understand, but the way that Satan uses it, messing with our minds, tearing families apart is not as easy to understand. The adversary is so real, and I know this because I've seen it this week in people that are so strong in faith, but give in to temptation.  But through the Savior's Atonement, I know everything can be made better!

Love you all so much!  Thank you for all your prayers and support!

Love Hermana Collier

Friday, October 25, 2013

October 21, 2013 --This May Be The Path I Need to Take

Hey familia!  

SO this week had it's ups and downs, but was mostly great.  One cool thing happened at the beginning.  After having dinner with a couple in the ward who love us a lot and feed us frequently, we decided to practice The Restoration lesson with them.  Hermana Button and I did it together.  She began, then I picked up when it goes into the Joseph Smith story.  For some reason it really felt like my first time ever telling it, and as I began saying, "I saw a pillar of light", I was overcome by the Spirit and started smiling so big, (because when I feel the spirit it always makes me unusually happy) and as I finished the story, it was so strong!, even after we left.  

That experience stuck with me and I realized that people have always told me that the story of the Restoration can bring the Spirit faster than anything else, and I knew I wanted to do this same thing in our lesson with Robert the next day.  So we went into Robert and I was able to tell the Joseph Smith story, and that same Spirit came with great force to the lesson.   After, we had him read the last paragraph of the Introduction to the Book of Mormon, where it tells him to ask God if these things are true, and we asked him what he thought of it, and he said, "I think, this is God tellin' me, that this may be the path I need to take."  That was a great spirit-filled lesson, and I am glad I got to experience that power that the story of the Restoration truly has!

The sad part of this week is that Hermana Button has been sick, so she's been staying with members and Sister Malloy and I have been going out a lot.  This was our bike week, (by the way the bike is working great, thanks!) and we did a lot of that, especially in a particular neighborhood that is mucho Hispanico.  Its really fun biking on these hilly roads with all the beautiful fall leaves around us!  Saturday I taught my first full lesson in Spanish to Maria, and it went pretty well!  We also met a Hispanic guy named Crispan, who has had an El Libro De Mormon and has been reading and studying it for 15 years.  He was super nice but had TONS of questions that we could barely understand in Spanish, and were basically all deep doctrine.  We'll see if he can be a progressing investigator or not, but it was pretty crazy to just tract into a Spanish guy who's already read the whole Book of Mormon. 

Then on Sunday, Haley and Kaley, the 11yr old twins came to church, and they are getting much more excited about being members of this church!  Their mom and everyone thinks they're a lot closer to baptism and so I think they just need to solidify their understanding in a few areas and they'll be ready.  The only challenge is their mom works Sundays, and that's been super hard to get them rides to church and everything, but hopefully their desire to keep going is still there.

The last thing I wanted to tell you about was the meeting yesterday.  Elder Laurence E. Corbridge came.  He is kind of famous among missionaries for his talk, "The Fourth Missionary," about being the best kind of missionary.  He is amazing on the subject of helping people understand.  One of the main things I learned is that people MUST UNDERSTAND the message of the gospel--that is what leads to conversion.  This can be applied both to others and to ourselves, and so I invite you all to ask yourself WHY is the doctrine of Christ important to you!  Understanding leads to conversion, and Action.  Another thing I learned is that we all need to go outside ourselves, to be SELFLESS.  He said, "Selflessness is singular to your self-interest."  And so instead of improving myself, all I need to do is focus on improving the lives of others and I will naturally improve. 
The Zone conference was the most fun thing -- I got to see so many friends and meet new friends, see President Irion and others that I love.  And Elder and Sister Corbridge are just awesome!!  'Twas a blast!

I know that this gospel is true and that the only way back to Heavenly Father is through Faith, and Repentance, Baptism, Holy Ghost, and Enduring to the End.  LOVE YOU ALL!!

Con Carino,
Hermana Collier

I am not even kidding: here in the South they have Drive Thru Prayer!  
You can't see it well here, but this guy was holding up a sign for it!

We went on a hike for Pday last week, muy hermosa!

I saw my companera chapparitta from the CCM for the first time in 2 weeks! 
It was SO good to catch up with Hermana Lindhardt.

Yesterday after zone conference with Sister Malloy and Button, 
we got butter! and cookies! Hallelujah!

Con Carino,
Hermana Collier

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

October 14, 2013 -- First Week: "Well, come get awesome'd up sometime again!"


I loved all of your letters again, they were stupendous. Mom and Cabe I am going to see if we can watch the BSA thing, cause the church is right by us so we'll see! Rest of family, I miss and love you!

OKAY sorry this might be long...
Well, I've almost made it through a whole week of being a missionary!! So spending the night at the Irions home was great, then we woke up, had breakfast, met our trainers, then marched into training meeting as everyone sang "Called to serve", hehe, and then introduced ourselves and met our trainers and everything.  After, some elders from Grandma and Grandpas ward got a pic with me to show them,  and I talked with some members of their ward/stake that had driven the Asheville Elders there, it was muy divertido.

So first of all, I am in a trio companerismo! Hermana hem; she's from Washington and is really into like Cop and EMT stuff, really funny, and such a positive and loving person!  Then Sister Malloy is my other trainer, shes from California and a Junior at BYU-I, she is super duper sweet and Christlike and a great missionary!  So I love my companeras.   Dalton is beautiful, curvy roads and mountains in the distance and the weather has been PERFECT!  The leaves are just starting to change and it's still blue skies every day! We live in an apartment complex right across the street from the Dalton Chapel. Our district is a Spanish District because the other ward that meets in our building is a Spanish branch, and all the elders in it are great.  We're in the English ward, but still talk and interact with a ton of Hispanics and try to communicate with each other in Spanish, so I think I'm still improving little by little.  There are only 6 hermanas in the mission, by the way.

The people of Dalton are AWESOME! They are kind of hilarious--just the way that they talk--yet super sweet and genuine.  I think I leave every single conversation with people here laughing because they are just down right hilarious.  Oh, and for some reason a lot of people comment when they first meet me--"Wow, you're really tall!"  haha! Esta bien! (One of our investigators suggested I take up modeling, haha!) So I love these folks.  I already have a pretty good impersonation of the drawl, pretty excited to use that more. I really enjoy our ward, there are a couple members in the ward that we see every single day, who just come by to bring us treats or come on team-ups or whatever -- it's great to see their desire to further the work!  I seriously love them!

Our investigators right now are Jonathan and Felicia, a young couple who've been investigating on and off  for a couple of months.  Felicia's one of the funniest people I've ever met.  Then there are Haley and Kaley,  11 year old twins who live with their mom and aunt.  Their mom is already baptized, but just needs to come to church more, and it's great that she wants her girls to be baptized.  They're coming along and will probably have a date within a week if everything goes smoothly, so pray for Haley and Kaley!  Then there are Robert, and Rebecca.  Those are the investigators, but we give a lot of lessons to less actives... There is also Miranda,  a recent convert who has a REALLY tough life but loves us and loves the Church, it just takes a lot to keep her going every day. 

That is the majority of the work to be done in this ward.  It is a great ward, but over half is less-active. But some of our very best lessons this week were when we got to go visit some of these people that we'd heard about, and invite the Spirit into their home, some of them for the first time in years, and invite them to express their feelings about coming back to church.  A bunch genuinely wanted to, so we should have six less actives coming back this next Sunday, we'll see how that goes!

So yeah, being on a mission is a lot of ups and downs, trying to improve myself and trying to learn and focus on others more!  I am absolutely loving it, though.  I think it can only get better from here on out as I learn more about His work and how to be a better missionary!


Hermana Collier

Our distrito had Christmas, all giving each other secret santa gifts.  It was great times!

 With Hermana Hoj and Howell, Oly girls in Mexico.

 With Alejandro one of our fave Natives! Miss him!

 Just arriving at the mission office.

In front of Presidents home in Knoxville with some of the sisters
who arrived with us.  Pretty right?

 Visiting a ward member, Annie in a rest home. She was so sweet, and pretty hilar.  On the way out, I said, "Thanks for being so awesome!"  
She said, "Is that what you call it these days? Awesome?" 
We said yes, and then she said, "Wayll, come back and get awesome'd up sometime again!" 

Monday, October 14, 2013

October 8, 2013

Arrived safe and sound!  Welcome to Tennessee Knoxville Mission!

October 3, 2013 -- Last week of Training at CCM

October 3, 2013 -- Last week of Training at CCM

Don't know why I can't get these pictures to rotate... send any advice.

HOLA!!  Como Estas??  Estoy MUY bien!  I loved all your letters, Dad sounds like its going awesome--praying for you, Mom I miss ya keep up the great work! I looovveedd the email and all the pictures, Jonny! ESP the rent a puppy one! :)  Tell Bri thanks for taking them :)  Oh and my teacher is moving into Glenwood next week so if you meet a Hermano Wolfe, tell him hello! (haha I dont know his first name)
The last week at the CCM de Mexico has been great so far.  First of all, its been sunny with a high of 75 cada dia, which has been sublime for frisbee and volleyball!  But other than that, Spanish has been coming along better, especially in lessons.  And we have been getting to know a lot of the native workers around the campus, it is soo fun to get to know them (And doesnt hurt when our amigos Alejandro y Fernando dar nos el helado despues almuerzo!)   Also a new district arrived this week that our district immediately bonded with, so thats been great.  I will miss it here, I feel so blessed to have the oppurtunity to come train for the mission field in Paradise :).  By the way I am going to call you guys sometime on Tuesday on my way to Knoxville, so look out for an email on Monday telling you what time Ill be calling! Gracias!
One of the cool experiences from this week has been finishing with our investigators... Luz was one of them. When we first started teaching her, she was a very depressed soul who didnt believe anything we told her, and at least I as a missionary was not exactly the best either--Literally, in one of the first lessons I'd told her that we'd answer her questions after we were finished with our message!! HA and looking back, it seems crazy I did that, but I was just learning I guess.  As our lessons became more from the heart and we started going in without notes, SHE decided to trust God more, and find out for herself if our message was true.  Even though Luz is really our teacher, every time we went into that room it felt SO real.  Before we went into our last lesson with her on Monday, I wrote in my journal "I am about to go teach Luz.  It is a moment like this where I feel the gravity of my calling.  My calling is to bring others unto Christ, but it is so hard and yet so amazing BECAUSE everyone has Agency."  I then ran across a scripture, Ether 12:41, about coming to Christ. Then I wrote "Am I really coming to Christ for myself though?  I want Luz to experience El Evangelio, but am I Converting myself?  Am I coming closer to God every single day?"  I concluded that I could do a whole lot better, but then I went in to teach her trusting in the Lord.  As we began to teach the spirit filled the room and we were able to feed off of each other, and when she accepted a baptismal date for a week later, it was so strong!  Like I said, even though she wasnt a real person in that moment, it felt so real that we'd made a change in someones life, and so I can't imagine how it will feel out there in the actual mission field--I bet that x10. 
Today we had the oppurtunity to attend the temple.  This was my third session in Spanish, and I was amazed at how much I understood!  And the temple is amazing as well in the way that we can realize things and recieve revelation while there.  The Spirit is real!  I want to bear my testimony to you that I know this church is true, and I know God lives!  Striving to become more like our Savior Jesus Christ will bring happiness.  I am brought to repentance so often, it seems, but thats part of being human, and keeps us humble.  I have to constantly being willing to change, and repent, and change again.  Change is hard but it makes us grow, so I'm glad I get to experience changing my whole life by leaving this lovely place to the real campo misional next week!  Keep being amazing, I love you all!!

Con MUCHO carino,
Hermana Collier

 My favorite time of day--the CCM is SO pretty in the evening times.  
The circle on the ground, known by the missionaries as the "paradise portals" 
are all over town indicating the safest spots in times of earthquake.

The hermanas with our Branch Presidency. 
Presidente Alvarado is one of the sweetest and best people 
I've ever been able to work with, well miss them!

 Some of the lovely hermanas from our Zone 
at the Mexico city temple.  
Theyre awesome!

Our district with the Branch Presidency

September 26, 2013 -- Week 5 at CCM, the Countdown Begins

Week 5 at CCM, the Countdown Begins
September 26, 2013

THANKS for your marvelous letters, I absolutely loved them!!  feliz compleaƱos MOM!  Thanks for all youve done for me, I think and pray for you cada dia!  Really though.
So this week has been good, I have learned SO much.  Last Thursday we were having comp inventory and I was telling Hna Lindhardt about my setting apart blessing, and how there were two things I remembered that my Stake President told me.  One was that there was no time for foolishness.  We made it a goal to study diligently and with purpose every day, and it has paid off in many ways!  The other thing he said is I'd lead others, and to treat the sisters I was entrusted with care and love.  The next day Hermana Lindhardt and I were pulled out of clase by our amazing branch pres, Presidente Alvarado, and were called to be the Sister training leaders for our zone.  We were really shocked and felt inadequate and unprepared, but it has motivated us to set new goals put us in positions to serve, which has been a huge blessing.
Another thing that happened in this same time period is I was feeling like my learnings really been slowing down, and a little stagnant.  I didnt know what to do, but we had a coaching session with our teacher Hermano Wolfe that night. (one great thing about Mexico is unlike provo the teachers dont have a life outside of the CCM, so they have more flexibility to spend more time with us). Hermana Lindhardt and I opened our hearts and told him all the reasons we needed help and how we felt like we werent progressing in Spanish or teaching skills. First he told us that IF we WANT to progress, then we WILL.  He then felt inspired to give us a demonstration lesson, and began teaching us -- as US, not "investigators".  I know the Spirit was literally there so strong, because he asked us questions that Ive been asking myself lately, and that forced me to figure them out on my own.  He looked into our eyes saw us as daughters of God, which meant a lot to both of us.  The lesson touched on every point of the Restauration, and yet applied to our lives so seamlessly.  At the end of the lesson demonstration (that we forgot was a demonstration because it was so real) all three of us took turns praying and spoke the words of our heart to God, asking any questions and feeling the Spirit in abundance.  It was amazing.  The next day, Hno Wolfe told us that that night, he KNEW that he wasnt speaking, he was literally opening his mouth and it was being filled with words we needed to hear.  I learned so much that night not only about how to teach others with the Spirit, but about myself and my relationship with God. 
On Sunday in church, Hna Lindhardt gave a talk in Spanish, which was amazing.  We were also able to do interviews for the Hermanas in our zone, that was a great oppurtunity to learn and serve. On Sunday we also got to watch an MTC Devo from Elder Bednar about finding principles in General conference.  I kid you not, it was an INSPIRING talk.  It made me SOOOO excited for General conference, I now have a countdown.  We only have 12 DAYS  left in the MTC, and about 9 till conference, so Ive decided Im going to make these last 12 count in every way!! Monday was great, I got some Dear Elders (hooray!) and Hna L and I were able to have a good talk with our teacher Hna Williams. That day in class, my roomate Hna Wright shared that one of her scriptures is Romans 12:2, and she said, "I found it after I chose my missionary plaque scripture, or else I wouldve used this one!".  For some reason when I looked it up, I accidently read 13:2, and that verse talks about how we must accept ordinances or damnation will come.  I just turned to her and said "Wait, you were going to use this scripture for you missionary plaque?  I mean, its awesome, it just seems a little...harsh" Trying to be sensitive to her opinions, and then we realized Id read the wrong one and the whole district just busted up laughing, It was pretty hilar.
Here in the CCM, I am learning a lot about the love our Savior and Heavenly Father have for us, and how they want us to progress.  And when we progress, we have to stretch ourselves, and that involves pain.  I am learning a lot about humility and how I have to repent every day.  I am learning about charity, and how we must pray with all the energy of heart to obtain it.  Take life one step at a time!! Thank you for being my inspiration!


Mucho Amor,
Hermana Collier

 Temple Day last week; 6 am on bus, on our way to the Mexico City, Temple

 With 10-A, our favorite distrito that just left.  Since they didn't have
any hermanas, they loved us, haha.  Lo siento for the guys, haha.

Some nights here at el CCM are muy hermosa!!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

September 19, 2013 -- Bien Week 4 at the CCM!

Hola Familia! Bien Week 4 at the CCM!
September 19, 2013

Hola Familia!!  Como Estan!! Thanks for all of the letters, I love them!!  Miss you all! Feliz CompleaƱos Abe, hope it was great, estoy tristo I couldnt be there for it!
Well this week has been a good one. The CCM is starting to feel like home now and we're all getting used to the schedule.  I like it here a lot more now that I know all the people around, and on Tuesday when the new people came, we felt like veterans :) Our relief society lesson on Sunday was about how going on a mission is like 'being cast into the lone and dreary world', and then by the end of your stay, its the Garden of Eden, and then when you go to your mission its like the 'lone and dreary world´' again!  And I can see how that will happen with us, I cant believe I only have 2 more Pdays here!  Well anyways this week has been great.  In our lessons we have gotten a lot better at listening to the Spirit, which is a LOT easier as Spanish is learned.  Esta Bien.  This weekend was Mexican Independence Day!!  The CCM took it upon themselves to make it an experience for us missionaries, and succeeded.  All of the 800 missionaries were crammed into the gym.  From the moment we walked in, the natives were stoked and were yelling and leading everyone in the Wave and anthems and songs. It started with a presentation on how Mexico was formed, then a group of mexican dancers came and did an awesome show, then a chica sang some mexican songs and some small fireworks came out of the stage!  The best part is that there was a HUGE group of Natives behind us.  If anything, one thing I learned is that the Mexicanos LOVE their country and KNOW how to party!! Those native boys behind us were hollering and yelling and singing from the moment everyone got in there.  It was hilarious, and very eye-opening of the culture.  We got some awesome pics with the Presidente and dancers and our teachers Hermana Williams y Hermano Wolfe, but I dont have them so Ill have to send them next week!!
  I actually had an awesome experience last Saturday.  We have two teachers, and they teach two districts--ours and another.  Hermano Wolfe has been our teacher from the beginning and he is really good at Espanol.  Anyway on Saturday, our teachers, Hermano Wolfe y Hermana Williams, had our classes combine for the afternoon class.  The clase started with a talk about the Atonement, and then they paired us up with members from the opposite district, we were supposed to get to know them and then give a short lesson on whatever the spirit prompts.  Thankfully, in English! Ha anyways, so I was with Elder Kotter, he was nice and all, and he taught me a good lesson and answered some questions I had about the atonement and all.  So then I began to teach him, and for some reason, he started really opening up to me when I asked him questions.  I asked about his faith and testimony in Christ, and he didnt have a relationship with Christ--it felt like just a hope that Hes there.  Then he asked What is Faith?  I knew that if I told him the classic answer it wouldnt satisfy him, so I went another direction.  I decided to share an experience I'd had recently--recently a substitute teacher had challenged us to: 1. pray to know if there's a God 2. pray to know if he has a body of flesh and bones 3. pray to know if He is pleased with what youre doing.  I'd done that, and I'd felt an amazing Spirit, and I felt  SO close to my Father in Heaven that night.  ANYWAYS I told Elder Kotter that story, and challenged him to do the same thing.  He accepted, and then Hermano Wolfe, whod been observing asked him to share his testimony with us.  It took a long time for him to start but when he did, he just started sobbing, big tears.  I felt a little uncomftorable, but once he finished he told me that that was the first time hes ever realized he really DID have faith in God and in Christ, and he had faith to go teach others about it now.  And he said that no one else couldve gotten him to open up like I had.  It gave me a glimpse into what the mission will be like, peoples lives change as they come closer to Christ.  I loved that moment!
The last cool part of that story is the next day in class, Hermano Wolfe said, (In spanish, so it took me a while to translate hehe) "Yesterday, when we had discussions, hermana collier was asked a question: What is Faith? And she didnt have the answer.  But she did give a challenge to pray and ask if God is there, has a body, and if He's pleased with you, right?" I answered yes, and then he said that he was reading in Joseph Smith's Lectures on Faith, lecture 3.  He showed it to me and I read it aloud: "There are three things necessary in order that any rational and intelligent being may exercise faith in God unto life and salvation.  First the idea that he actually exists.  Secondly, a correct idea of His character, perfections, and attributes. Thirdly an actual knowledget that the course of life which He is pursuing is according to His will." 
So anyway, the Spirit is REAL!  Because I had no idea I was actually answering that Elders questions!!
Well got to go but Love you ALL!!

Hermana Collier 

With the Presidente and wife . . .

September 12, 2013 -- The CCM is a time for growth

Hola Familia!!  Thank you for all the letters, I LOVE them!  Dad, I loved the Dear Elder and all the awesome updates so thanks! Mom I miss you!  And Abe & Jon thanks for writing, I have the best big bros! And Happy almost Birthday ABE! Hope the Gala is going well for you Caleb! (Tell him to write me, ok? haha)    Oh and send doggy breezy my love by the way!  Miss you all a lot!  By the way my Pday is always on Thursday just so you know!
    Well week 2 here at the CCM has been great!!  Again, I really love it.  We have all begun to get into the swing of things now.  So this week is Mexican Independence Week so we see Mexican flags everywhere and the comedor is decked out in Mexican food/decorations.  But because of all this fun, we were feeling a little sentimental to our good ol US of A, so as a district we wore red, white, and blue for 9/11!  Which of course for the elders only meant their ties, but it was still awesome.  GUESS WHAT??  After four whole days of non-stop rain, we've had 4 almost completely sunny days!!  Its been so great!  So we played volleyball against another district in the sand court, which was the BEST!  Playing sports here is something I look forward to every day!  I love our district, there is a huge range of personalities and for that reason its SO fun!  In other news, theres like 10 or 12 Olympus kids here!  There popping up all over the place! Muy bien. 
  So this week has had its rough times and good times. Friday mi companera Hna Lindhardt started to get a cold, and Hna Henderson (one of our roomates) got pretty sick as well.  On Sunday Hna Lindhardt and I felt like we needed to fast for Hna Henderson, which ended up being an awesome thing.  It was a very spiritual day because our Sacrament Meeting was very emotional as the district that welcomed us in was leaving the next day, (which included our Zone leader, Elder mangum whos QB for the Cougs when he returns--super nice guy). Then we were able to watch an MTC devotional by Elder Holland from back in January. He gave us the tools for being "Un Misionera Exito" (Successful missionary), 1. Convert yourself 2. Obey 3. Strive to have the Lord in your life 4. Teach with the Spirit 5. Work as hard as you can.  He also mentioned that if we are converted in our hearts, others will feel the "thunder" of your testimony.  I loved it, and I made a commitment to make it a week of hard work!
       So Monday for some reason was a tough day.  That afternoon was our first lesson with one of our "new" investigators and she was REALLY difficult, and so it was just one of those situations where we felt helpless afterward.  Then our teacher gave us a great lesson but for some reason I just felt even more overwhelmed.  That night for study time, our four hermanas went into a room and studied together.  We were able to just kind of pour out our hearts to each other, talk about what we'd been struggling with, and comfort each other through scriptures and stories of the Savior in our lives.  It was such a neat experience and I felt closer to the Savior than I have in a long time!  The next day was complete opposite.  First off, it was this day that both Hna Lindhardt and Henderson started to feel much better, and I know that the fasting helped with that!  So Tuesday we had another "new" investigator, and our goal was to look at him as if he were a REAL investigator. With the Lord's help, we were able to do this, I have never felt the Spirit so strong in a room between three people.  We asked him to say the prayer at the end, and it was SUCH a beautiful thing, It felt like he was a brand new investigator and this was really the first time he personally spoke with his Father in Heaven.  That was a powerful experience.
Then later that afternoon, we had TRC, our members name was named Maria.  We told her that we werent always perfect at reading the scriptures and praying, but that when we did them, they were little things that helped.  Hna Lindhardt said it first, calling them the "Pocita Cosas".  I didnt even know if that was making sense in spanish, but I just went along with it and we kept telling her about how doing the "pocita cosas" in life will help! When Maria said the closing prayer for us, she prayed for that wed all do the "pocita cosas"!  I almost started laughing cause I was so happy that our message made any sense to her!!  It was a breakthrough day in our teaching as a companionship.
The main thing Im learning is that the CCM is not a place for me to be the most perfect missionary ever --its a place I can LEARN how to be the best missionary I can be.  So if I make a mistake, its ok, if I am learning!  It is so reassuring to know that, and that the Saviors there for me!  After a day here, I feel so worked--physically, mentally, spiritually exhausted.  It is painful yet good because you know youre growing.  So here´s to learning and growing, and learning from mistakes!  I love you all and know God is watching over each of you!! 

Hermana Collier

 We were so happy we got to wear JEANS for service last week, 
we just had to take a pic!!

At the tienda, they sell these cookies called Chokis.  
They are our favorite.

Our district being funny

Our district wearing red-white-blue for 9/11

Love these hermanas!

August 28, 2013 -- Safe Arrival at CCM

Hola Familia!!
Well, I've been here at the Mexico MTC for a whole 10 minutes, but it's beautiful.  I love it here so far!  Looks like Hermana Lindhart will be my companion which I'm glad about cause she's awesome, she's super funny and we get along really well. Mexico City is soooo crammed and tiny but colorful and fun.  But sounds like we'll hardly be going out of the gates except for the temple.  My to-do list for the day is quite extensive:
-put my name tag on
-take my lunch
-email my parents
Pretty happy about that schedule :)

Hermana Collier
Me and Sis Lindhart right after boarding the flight to Mexico City!

At the Centro Capitacion Misional (CCM), Mexico City