Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Parable of Mesa Falls

Once upon a time. A car full of byu-Idaho students went on an outing.  Mesa falls was the destination, and they had it in mind that it was a hike!  So they packed their Capri-Suns and granola bars, and set off to this great adventure!!  Now what these amateur-idahoans did not know is that in order to go on the hike, one must stop at the lower falls and hike to the upper. Instead we just followed the GPS and the signs and kept driving until we reached it- we got out of the car and BAM! Mesa falls. Beautiful, but Not what I was expecting-- I was ready for a dull, tedious hike and feeling the anticipation of summitting a hill to see the gorgeous view.  It was a surprisingly anti-climactic and bitter moment, compared to the sweet feeling of accomplishing a hike.

In first nephi chapter 8, Lehi has a dream about a "tree of life".  This particular tree has fruit so sweet and desirable that when one partaken, they experience indescribable joy.   After following a narrow path, avoiding all types of temptations, and keeping his eye on the tree, he made the journey- Lehi partook of it!!! The immediate reaction is the desire for his family to also partake and feel that joy.   Some of his family does and they love it.  But two of his sons have been distracted by the huge distractions surrounding them.  B
My Book of Mormon teacher brother behrens was reviewing this scene, and he said, "why didn't he just throw it to his sons??  Hey laman and Lemuel, catch!"  It was possible perhaps, why not?  
When he said that I thought of the feeling I had when I got out of the car that day.  It was nice. But it wasn't enthralling, or joyous, or exciting!  
The savior wants us to experience the affects of His atonement, the fruit of the tree of life, but if we haven't done what pushes us, molds us, and prepared us first, we will not experience the full joy of His fruit. The fruit would NOT have been sweet and desirable to Laman and Lemuel - they hadn't made the journey, they hadn't gone through the pushing, and preparation. 
So remember that in order to feel the full affects of the atonement in our lives we must do our part and prepare!! MAKE THE JOURNEY