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October 14, 2013 -- First Week: "Well, come get awesome'd up sometime again!"


I loved all of your letters again, they were stupendous. Mom and Cabe I am going to see if we can watch the BSA thing, cause the church is right by us so we'll see! Rest of family, I miss and love you!

OKAY sorry this might be long...
Well, I've almost made it through a whole week of being a missionary!! So spending the night at the Irions home was great, then we woke up, had breakfast, met our trainers, then marched into training meeting as everyone sang "Called to serve", hehe, and then introduced ourselves and met our trainers and everything.  After, some elders from Grandma and Grandpas ward got a pic with me to show them,  and I talked with some members of their ward/stake that had driven the Asheville Elders there, it was muy divertido.

So first of all, I am in a trio companerismo! Hermana hem; she's from Washington and is really into like Cop and EMT stuff, really funny, and such a positive and loving person!  Then Sister Malloy is my other trainer, shes from California and a Junior at BYU-I, she is super duper sweet and Christlike and a great missionary!  So I love my companeras.   Dalton is beautiful, curvy roads and mountains in the distance and the weather has been PERFECT!  The leaves are just starting to change and it's still blue skies every day! We live in an apartment complex right across the street from the Dalton Chapel. Our district is a Spanish District because the other ward that meets in our building is a Spanish branch, and all the elders in it are great.  We're in the English ward, but still talk and interact with a ton of Hispanics and try to communicate with each other in Spanish, so I think I'm still improving little by little.  There are only 6 hermanas in the mission, by the way.

The people of Dalton are AWESOME! They are kind of hilarious--just the way that they talk--yet super sweet and genuine.  I think I leave every single conversation with people here laughing because they are just down right hilarious.  Oh, and for some reason a lot of people comment when they first meet me--"Wow, you're really tall!"  haha! Esta bien! (One of our investigators suggested I take up modeling, haha!) So I love these folks.  I already have a pretty good impersonation of the drawl, pretty excited to use that more. I really enjoy our ward, there are a couple members in the ward that we see every single day, who just come by to bring us treats or come on team-ups or whatever -- it's great to see their desire to further the work!  I seriously love them!

Our investigators right now are Jonathan and Felicia, a young couple who've been investigating on and off  for a couple of months.  Felicia's one of the funniest people I've ever met.  Then there are Haley and Kaley,  11 year old twins who live with their mom and aunt.  Their mom is already baptized, but just needs to come to church more, and it's great that she wants her girls to be baptized.  They're coming along and will probably have a date within a week if everything goes smoothly, so pray for Haley and Kaley!  Then there are Robert, and Rebecca.  Those are the investigators, but we give a lot of lessons to less actives... There is also Miranda,  a recent convert who has a REALLY tough life but loves us and loves the Church, it just takes a lot to keep her going every day. 

That is the majority of the work to be done in this ward.  It is a great ward, but over half is less-active. But some of our very best lessons this week were when we got to go visit some of these people that we'd heard about, and invite the Spirit into their home, some of them for the first time in years, and invite them to express their feelings about coming back to church.  A bunch genuinely wanted to, so we should have six less actives coming back this next Sunday, we'll see how that goes!

So yeah, being on a mission is a lot of ups and downs, trying to improve myself and trying to learn and focus on others more!  I am absolutely loving it, though.  I think it can only get better from here on out as I learn more about His work and how to be a better missionary!


Hermana Collier

Our distrito had Christmas, all giving each other secret santa gifts.  It was great times!

 With Hermana Hoj and Howell, Oly girls in Mexico.

 With Alejandro one of our fave Natives! Miss him!

 Just arriving at the mission office.

In front of Presidents home in Knoxville with some of the sisters
who arrived with us.  Pretty right?

 Visiting a ward member, Annie in a rest home. She was so sweet, and pretty hilar.  On the way out, I said, "Thanks for being so awesome!"  
She said, "Is that what you call it these days? Awesome?" 
We said yes, and then she said, "Wayll, come back and get awesome'd up sometime again!" 

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