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September 26, 2013 -- Week 5 at CCM, the Countdown Begins

Week 5 at CCM, the Countdown Begins
September 26, 2013

THANKS for your marvelous letters, I absolutely loved them!!  feliz compleaƱos MOM!  Thanks for all youve done for me, I think and pray for you cada dia!  Really though.
So this week has been good, I have learned SO much.  Last Thursday we were having comp inventory and I was telling Hna Lindhardt about my setting apart blessing, and how there were two things I remembered that my Stake President told me.  One was that there was no time for foolishness.  We made it a goal to study diligently and with purpose every day, and it has paid off in many ways!  The other thing he said is I'd lead others, and to treat the sisters I was entrusted with care and love.  The next day Hermana Lindhardt and I were pulled out of clase by our amazing branch pres, Presidente Alvarado, and were called to be the Sister training leaders for our zone.  We were really shocked and felt inadequate and unprepared, but it has motivated us to set new goals put us in positions to serve, which has been a huge blessing.
Another thing that happened in this same time period is I was feeling like my learnings really been slowing down, and a little stagnant.  I didnt know what to do, but we had a coaching session with our teacher Hermano Wolfe that night. (one great thing about Mexico is unlike provo the teachers dont have a life outside of the CCM, so they have more flexibility to spend more time with us). Hermana Lindhardt and I opened our hearts and told him all the reasons we needed help and how we felt like we werent progressing in Spanish or teaching skills. First he told us that IF we WANT to progress, then we WILL.  He then felt inspired to give us a demonstration lesson, and began teaching us -- as US, not "investigators".  I know the Spirit was literally there so strong, because he asked us questions that Ive been asking myself lately, and that forced me to figure them out on my own.  He looked into our eyes saw us as daughters of God, which meant a lot to both of us.  The lesson touched on every point of the Restauration, and yet applied to our lives so seamlessly.  At the end of the lesson demonstration (that we forgot was a demonstration because it was so real) all three of us took turns praying and spoke the words of our heart to God, asking any questions and feeling the Spirit in abundance.  It was amazing.  The next day, Hno Wolfe told us that that night, he KNEW that he wasnt speaking, he was literally opening his mouth and it was being filled with words we needed to hear.  I learned so much that night not only about how to teach others with the Spirit, but about myself and my relationship with God. 
On Sunday in church, Hna Lindhardt gave a talk in Spanish, which was amazing.  We were also able to do interviews for the Hermanas in our zone, that was a great oppurtunity to learn and serve. On Sunday we also got to watch an MTC Devo from Elder Bednar about finding principles in General conference.  I kid you not, it was an INSPIRING talk.  It made me SOOOO excited for General conference, I now have a countdown.  We only have 12 DAYS  left in the MTC, and about 9 till conference, so Ive decided Im going to make these last 12 count in every way!! Monday was great, I got some Dear Elders (hooray!) and Hna L and I were able to have a good talk with our teacher Hna Williams. That day in class, my roomate Hna Wright shared that one of her scriptures is Romans 12:2, and she said, "I found it after I chose my missionary plaque scripture, or else I wouldve used this one!".  For some reason when I looked it up, I accidently read 13:2, and that verse talks about how we must accept ordinances or damnation will come.  I just turned to her and said "Wait, you were going to use this scripture for you missionary plaque?  I mean, its awesome, it just seems a little...harsh" Trying to be sensitive to her opinions, and then we realized Id read the wrong one and the whole district just busted up laughing, It was pretty hilar.
Here in the CCM, I am learning a lot about the love our Savior and Heavenly Father have for us, and how they want us to progress.  And when we progress, we have to stretch ourselves, and that involves pain.  I am learning a lot about humility and how I have to repent every day.  I am learning about charity, and how we must pray with all the energy of heart to obtain it.  Take life one step at a time!! Thank you for being my inspiration!


Mucho Amor,
Hermana Collier

 Temple Day last week; 6 am on bus, on our way to the Mexico City, Temple

 With 10-A, our favorite distrito that just left.  Since they didn't have
any hermanas, they loved us, haha.  Lo siento for the guys, haha.

Some nights here at el CCM are muy hermosa!!

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