Tuesday, January 6, 2015

January 5, 2015 -- Beginning 2015

Hey Family!  

Thanks for all your updates on new years in Provo and St George and stuff! Sounds like you all had so much fun.

This was a great week!  We went on Monday night to meet a woman that we met at one of the Mexican restaurants who wants to learn English.  She began to tell us about how she came across the border from Mexico, how they slept in the desert for a week to do so illegally.  It's not right, but I did think that it was so cool how much she cared for her two sons, that's why she did it.  She told us of how happy she was to send them money to buy a cell phone for Christmas.  

We have a new investigator named Joyce who is Catholic! Very hard core, but she enjoys talking with us.  The light of Christ really influences people I think, because when we say something she'll completely agree with it, even though we know it's contrary to her beliefs.  I said, "Will you read 3 Nephi 11?" And she said, "I'm going to read the whole thing!"  It also helped to have a member there who is super friendly. 

On New Years Eve we went to Salvation Army where we serve weekly.  We saw two polka dotted dresses and were thinking about buying them.  Then an older man saw us eying them and insisted on buying them for us!    So we wore them that night to the Rhylick's who had us over for dinner.  We looked very festive I believe. (see above . . . )

It was a great night, we got to laugh and play games and drink sparkling cider! All the way until 9 :)

Andrina Rylick was baptized a few months ago, her husband was less-active and her kids were members, and when they moved out to TN for medical school the kids wanted to go to church, and she went too, and was baptized soon after.  She is awesome!

So the next day we had a couple of miracles.  We went to see a potential investigator, and his grandma Cathy came out - a hard-core pentecostal lady.  She started out just wondering what differences there are between our church and others, and so we started teaching the Restoration.  She interrupted the first vision saying that no one can see God.  Instead of bible bashing we just continued teaching the Restoration and taught about the book of Mormon, and read 3 Nephi 11 together.  After that, the spirit was so strong and she said "I have ALWAYS WONDERED what about all the other people in the world! I am excited to read this book!"  Then she said a closing prayer that was SO HEARTFELT and sincere, she told God that she is looking for the truth and wants to know if these things could be true.  It is amazing to see the power of the Book of Mormon.
Paige Cloud is coming along okay.  We taught her the Word of Wisdom on New Years day and she told us that she could try but she loves her wine every once in a while :)  So we committed her to come to church.  She agreed and told us she's loving church, when her 7-year old son, David, runs in and says "NOOOOOOOOOO!! I dont wanna go to church!!!!!!!"  And we know right then that David would be her obstacle.  So we went on Saturday night and did a lesson on the Sabbath day.  We sat the boys down and put two bowls of ice cream out and showed them simply that when we do bad things on Sunday, it makes our "Sunday" dirty and unclean so we put pepper and soy sauce and ketchup in that one.  Where as when we do good things on Sunday and keep it clean, it's like a clean Sundae with chocolate and caramel when we go to church.  David and Devin understood very clearly.  "So" we said, "David, which Sundae are you going to choose this week!?"  He eyed very carefully both bowls of ice cream, then pointed to the one with the pepper and ketchup.  Sister Loper said, "Ok! Take a bite and tell us how  you liked it!"  He hesitantly took a big bite. He made a very sour face then forced a smile and nodded.  Then he ran into the other room and spit it out!  Hahahaha the things he would go to to avoid church!

So they were super close to coming, but David claimed to be sick so they stayed at home. It was very sad but I know they'll come soon, Paige is doing well.  

Start the New Year with some fried ice cream!  It's good for you!
I am SO HAPPY because the Relief Society has made a goal to go out with us twice a week, which is going to be a huge help on our part.  We have been having more member presents this week which has been soooo nice.

Well I love you all!!  I love this gospel and the Spirit.  Have a great week.  Good luck with New Year's Resolutions.
Love Mads

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  1. When people say that no one can see God, I like to point out that Jesus said, in the Sermon on the Mount.. Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God. There are no qualifications there. It doesn't say when that will happen, only that it will. If God judges a person (like Joseph Smith) to be pure of heart, then it IS possible for him to see God. Unless they want to argue with God or call Jesus a liar, then they have to admit that it is a possibility. Besides, with God, all things are possible. Glad you are having a good mission. Aunt Laura C.