Monday, January 19, 2015

January 12, 2015 -- What a blessing!

Hey family,

The main saying floating around the mission right now is "What a blessing."  I think it's very appropriate!

Anywayssssssss . . . 

This week has been good.  We had a team-up with a sister in the ward who just found out she's expecting.  We worked really hard to get an appointment back-ups that didn't smoke.  So we go to the appointment, it's going great then their daughter and friends walk in smoking!  I was like NO WAY.  Our member just kept on smiling, and put her hand up by her face like a champ.  We got out of there eventually though!  Of course that would happen!  But she was very kind about it.

On Wednesday we had a miracle!  We were on our way home to eat dinner (rice and chicken that I made myself in the crock-pot woot woot!), but Hermana Loper was like "We should drop by the gift shop really fast." This is owned by the Hoskins family, they were baptized about a year ago so we check  up on them sometimes.  Sister Hoskins has a 17 year old daughter Katie, who hasn't seemed to interested in the gospel, but we've been wanting to talk to her.  When we were about to leave, I asked her what she thought of the church.  She went on to tell us a detailed story of her past year and her struggles in school and friends and family.  She is basically embarrassed to be in social settings and has used that as an excuse for church things.  But at the end of our conversation we invited her to come to church, and then to take the lessons and she said she'd be interested!  She didn't come to church but we have an appointment for this week so we're looking forward to it.
We had a lesson on the Plan of Salvation with Miranda and her boyfriend David, and it went really well.  She still loves the Book of Mormon.  They are really busy between work and their little baby, but make time for us.  We had a conversation about coming to church and she said she's really anxious to go to a new church.  But they're progressing for sure.
Seth and Alissa are struggling a little bit, mostly because Seth is working so much and they only want to learn together.  I think they still have potential though so we'll see. 

Paige is coming along sort of, she's reading the book of Mormon but won't be the boss when it comes to going to church, she just listens to her sons! She says she "doesn't want to fight him" which is annoying to me.  Cause I know mom had to fight us all the time growing up I guess!

Thursday we woke up early and met up with President and one of the Assistants and they drove us to district meeting in Whitley City KY.  It was a lot of fun to drive with them, and a great meeting, then we ate a delicious lunch. On the way home, everyone shared embarrassing moments which was pretty hilarious.  I love President and everyone in the mission!  It's so sad to think we have to part ways in a bit!

On Saturday we taught this new investigator named Tonya, and it went very differently than expected.  She ended up telling us that drugs are her living, but she does it to provide for her children, but she doesn't want her children to go down the same road.  People are very mixed up on their ways of thinking!  But we told her that if she has a desire to change her life that the Savior's teachings can truly help her, and she tearfully said a closing prayer.  So that was cool.  Then we watched a car pull up and get drugs from the next door neighbor.  hmmmmmmm.

On a more uplifting note! We also attended the baptism of an 8-year old named Lucy in the ward.  It was so beautiful, and when the dad was baptizing he was all choked up and it reminded me of how the Gospel truly blesses families.  I was also reminded what a marvelous gift the Holy Ghost is. 

We also got to have dinner that night with the Byrds, who invited some non-member friends over to eat! That was super cool to see them sharing the gospel with their friends. 
Sunday we had a goodbye dinner for Elder Bradshaw who leaves us on Wednesday.  That was super fun, yet sad because he has been a great friend and leader and missionary to serve around, but change is good!

Well I love you all! 
Hermana Collier 

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