Tuesday, January 20, 2015

January 20, 2015 -- Sunshine and Snow in the Gap

Us on P-day at the pinnacle! The weather was perfect!

Dear familia! 

This week has been long, and good.  We went to lunch to bid adieu to elder Bradshaw, he'll be missed in the Gap!

​We had a good lesson with a Pentecostal investigator, Cathy.  She asked why we even have the book of Mormon, and Sister Byrd who was with us just told her, it just proves that God and Jesus Christ love all their children in all the earth! She understood after that and agreed to read and pray.

We taught Paige twice this week.  First time we taught her the law of chastity.  AS soon as she knew the subject she was like, "Oh no! Chastity."  But it went pretty well, and she doesn't have a problem living it.  Then Saturday we had a lesson about following the prophet. We showed her a video of general conference and she liked it, although the concept of modern prophets is still a little new for her.  She said she would try to come to church on Sunday, but something or other kept her from it, so we dropped by later that day and she told us she promised she wasn't giving us the cold shoulder, she still wants to keep learning and progressing.  She's reading 3 nephi right now and so that's great.  She made us try fried green tomaters.  they're pretty good actually!

​The weather here has been weird. It snowed a LOT on Thursday, and stuck! Then the next 3 days including today have been sunny, like almost 60!  So that's been cool!  It has been way fun.
This was right after we taught a lesson to Shanda, our returning member. She is coming along, and is excited about changing her life.  It makes me happy every time we get to teach her because she takes it seriously, and asks questions to learn.

We had a small miracle this week, we contacted a woman named Mary last week and she totally was excited about reading the Book of Mormon and everything. She'd been taught before by missionaries further up north in KY.  We've been trying to teach her for a week, but she hasn't been available.  Finally this week she texted us and we were able to come over. We sat down and began to teach. She is so sweet, about 60 years old and very humble and receptive.  She said she read some in the book of Mormon and she'd like to come visit church one day.  Her granddaughter, before we left said, "will you come back tomorrow and play with me!?" So that was a great experience!

​This is Dia, her parents are in medical school and she loves the missionaries so much she always tries to sit in our laps. When we told her we couldn't let her, she began to cry :( so we took a picture with her so she knew we still love her!

​Us on P-day at the pinnacle! The weather was perfect!

Love you all.

Love Hermana Collier

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