Friday, February 13, 2015

Feb 2, 2015 -- When the Spirit steps in!

Hola familia,

This week has been good. Is it seriously February already!??? Crazy. 

So what is new this week! A recent convert, Jessica, has begun sharing the gospel with her friend Tracy.  We dropped by and had a very spiritual lesson.  Jessica was having a hard day because it was her daughters birthday who she doesn't have custody over.  She began to cry and explain how hard it is. It was one of those moments where you don't know what to say because you really have no clue how they feel, and yet they are expecting to receive comfort from you!  So we just started to sing "I stand all amazed", and Jessica's uncontrollable crying stopped, and she told us that was exactly what she needed to hear.  We then all went around and bore our testimonies of Jesus Christ.  This week Jessica (who hasn't come in forever) and Tracy both came to church!  It has been great to see them changing together.

Yesterday we had a few extra minutes before a meal apt, and there's this middle-aged couple who is so kind to the missionaries that wasn't there at church yesterday so we decided to stop by them.  When Sister Mills answered the door she told us that we'd come just in time, and she needed us to be there to talk to.  She was crying as well, having just received a sad message about a family member.  Hermana Loper and I just listened, and shared a scripture with them and prayed, and they were so grateful! Thoughts are impressions unless proven otherwise!

We also taught Miranda, the young girl who started reading a bunch of the book of Mormon.  We found out she was really concerned about the 3 kingdoms of glory, because she's grown up Baptist and just can't imagine a merciful ending for those who don't accept Christ.  But we read a chapter in the book of Mormon together, then our team-up asked her what else concerned her about it, and we explained it in a different way.  All of a sudden we saw a light bulb go off and she said "It clicked! I get it now!"  She was so much more at peace and more open to everything else we said.

There are like 22 sisters going home this transfer, so I actually had my departing interview this week with President Griffin on Wednesday.  It was so special, I will never forget it.  Mostly the feeling of love from my Heavenly Father and from him and my vision for my future.  He gave me a lot of advice and great words of wisdom!

Sad news is that because so many sisters are leaving and only five or six are coming, they're going to have take out sisters from the ward!  But the elders here will take over our area and it'll be ok.  The ward has already filled up every day on our meal calendar :)
Well got to go. 

Love y'all and see you soon!

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