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February 23, 2015 -- Out on a Cold Note

When Sisters Rindlisbacher and Orton came up to spend time on PDay. We are in Mike Hoskins truck -- good times. 
Dear family,
The weather here has been making up for the your sunny and dry stuff!  On Monday morning it started.  We had such an awesome week planned out :) But you know the South isn't prepared for times like these!  So that day the snow dumped down, and we were snowed in for dinner. The next day we got to email at the Ramsays, and it was a beautiful blue sky day, with about a foot of snow!  Our dinner appt for that night got sick.  But we shoveled Paige's driveway which she appreciated.  And we threw a couple snowballs with the boys.

So Wednesday, we woke up, it was snowing hard.  But I'd been praying it would be okay to drive in. So we got all ready to go to Elder Christofferson at the half-mission conference.  All of a sudden we got a call telling us to not leave our house yet, and so we waited until President called and said that we couldn't drive in the weather.  So we walked to Paige's and she made us brunch, because she was grateful for our help the day before.  It was an adventure walking in the snow!
Ya, I don't normally curl my hair and do my makeup to walk in the snow.  
Anywho, they set up a conference call for the 10 companionships who live on the borders of the mission and couldn't make it.  But sadly, once Elder Christofferson started talking we really couldn't hear anything! :( It was very sad.  I was a little heartbroken, but I prayed and got over my sadness! It just made it that much worse trying to listen, but not understanding a word!

That night we anonymously shoveled Juanita's driveway. She's an investigator with a special needs daughter Misty, and they don't get much help, so we thought it'd be a good idea.  We came to visit her a few days later, and she was so sad we're leaving.  And she totally looked out her window and caught us shoveling! :)

Dinner with the Whites -- always a party!
Thursday we got to eat with the Noyce's and Brother Knudson as well.  I have learned so much from the Medical student families, and I look up to each of them so much, I want to be like all of them someday!  They are positive, hard-working, spiritual and fun.  We also got to eat with the whites and the Tappannas.  I'll never forget all our LMU friends!

Rachel White -- she made evelskeevers for me my first week in Middlesboro and my last week.  She's a gem!!
We drove up Friday to Pineville.  We were suprised that the main road was plowed.  We went to go visit Karen, a less active who lives up a sketchy driveway when theres no snow, when there is it was crazy!  But we made it and got to visit her.  She is a free spirit.  Love her though! She is going to miss missionary visits a lot. 

Saturday was transfer calls (suprise, I am getting transferred) and then we had to stay in, but it was a good chance to pack and clean. 

The Funks, the senior couple in our district.  I love them SO much!! 
They are so kind. Elder Funk speaks Spanish so I got to practice with him
sometimes. I am going to miss them!
Sunday church was cancelled! My first time to miss church in years.  But we studied like normal, and then ventured out in the foot and half of slush. Back west this would be nothing, but they don't plow the roads here!!  The elders came along to meet our investigators, thankfully they drove! We had a good lesson with a lady named Rhonda, and after we got stuck bad.  .  To get out of that trailer park, Elder Edman pushed the car while Elder Bills drove, and it was quite the challenge! The weird think about Middlesboro is it is like everyone is being watched out for in this weather, so then Rhonda and friends came and helped.

With Sister Rindlisbacher from Fresno.
We'll go home together!
We brought Christina Stafford, a YW in the ward out with for our next appt.  We headed yup to it, but the car got stuck immediately. Again, a little guy ran out of his house and pushed us out! then we visited another couple. Got stuck on the way out of the apt complex, and this time 3 guys came and pushed out. They hollered, "I just hate to see someone that looks stuck that I could help out!"  Then we went to the gas station - we waited for one car to finish getting gas, and after he was done, he got out of his car and pushed us up to the pump.  After dinner, the husbands pushed us out again.  
We all get stuck sometimes, right!?  But it was really cool because to me it showed that when we're willing to go out and work, the Lord will provide the way to accomplish His work!
So a member looked it up for me and I'm supposed to bring the cold weather with me on Thursday.  Sorry in advance!!  I have decided to embrace the coming events and as my little brother told me, to make these the best 3 days ever!
Love you! Hermana Collier
Sister friends -- Sisters Smith and Dahl

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