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April 21, 2014 -- Happy Easter!

With Amanda Torres at the egg smashing

Hola familia! 

Hope your Easter was fabulous, mine sure was.  Y'all sound busy and like you're busy and having fun.

Well, this week was great!  On P-day I bowled a 117, holla! Haha, I was pretty excited. Also that day at Wal-Mart, I talked to a guy, Agapito, and he said we could come over and teach him the next day!  So we went to Agapito's and had a lesson with him and his daughter Elizabeth.  The Spirit was super strong as we taught about Jesus Christ, and what He's done for all of us.  Then the Spirit prompted us to go on and teach the Restoration, and as we taught about Joseph Smith and related the first vision, we saw  Elizabeth, the 12 year old daughter shed a few tears.  It was one of the coolest lessons and I know the Spirit was so strong there. 

After conquering a very dirty house with Sister Hatch

On Wednesday I went to Harrison Bay Tennessee, near Chattanooga for an exchange.  I was companions with the lovely Sister Hatch, which was great, we had a great time and taught some powerful lessons.  She taught me a lot about the importance of striving to have the Spirit with us as missionaries -- and I've made some goals of what I want to change.  We also did some service and cleaned a really dirty house . . .  The silent vows you make on your mission - "My house will nevverrrr ever be this dirty!"  It's great!  But we had fun while doing it.

We're also teaching a man named Jose right now.  Although we've only had two semi-short lessons and both were on his porch and without members, he's already read a good part of 1 Nephi and wants to come to church, although he works every other weekend.  We're super excited about him though!

Taught Rafael about temples :) love him! 
Remember how Rafael's grandson Jesus was interested for a while then sort of stopped?  Well he almost came to church on Sunday! Turns out Rafael got a headache so none of them came, but we're going to try and get him back on the road to taking the discussions. I hope.

We had some other good lessons this week.  Right now we're struggling with members getting involved in teaching our people, but as we grow closer to the ward members I think they'll volunteer their help more.  It's coming along!

Crazy to think I only have 2 more weeks here in Dalton.  President and Hermana Irion came down to District Meeting on Friday and we had a great interview, I love President! He just gave me a lot of encouragement and also told me he still hasn't decided where he's sending me...It made me so anxious!

Busch smashing the egg on the bishop.  Ha ha!

Pascua was great!  We had a splendid day, full of church, sunshine, a delicious Carne Asada at the Garcia's with some families from our ward, and Easter egg hunts.  I led out the kid's easter egg hunt- they went out and got as many eggs as they could and then when they came back, they were all empty.  I explained to them that was how the women who went to find Jesus at the tomb felt when they found no one there, but that He still lives and gives us gifts -- and so they still got candy.  :)  It was great.
Then the bishop and his wife had organized a second hunt, with egg shells filled with confetti.  I thought it was kind of random, but when I got to the front yard everyone was cracking them on each others heads and such.  Haha, Mexican Easter!!!  Never to be forgotten!

All fun aside, I am super grateful for our Savior and His sacrifice for us.  Even though I didn't get to be with ya'll this Easter, I think it was one of my favorite ones ever because I have come to a knowledge of Jesus Christ and His Atonement and Resurrection for me and what it means.  It makes me more happy than any Easter celebration could! 
Happy Easter! 

Love and miss y'all to death!


Hermana Collier

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