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May 19, 2014 -- Lovin' Tennessee

The Lackey famly!  When we got there little Zachy came up to us and said, "Can we act out a scripture story!?"  (see previous post . . .)  Love them! 

So so so! This semana was really great!  Our area here in Tennessee...it is just so interesting!  But I am just happy here, enjoying every minute.  The ward is struggling, pero that is close to every unit here with only a couple of exceptions, and I have just realized we have to do what we can to help, and then be content!

So I went to Mission Leadership Conference in Knoxville for the first time, a monthly training that is held for all of the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders in the mission.  It was great, I was able to receive a lot of personal revelation, although I was a little wide-eyed and wondrous being at my first one ever.  For the musical number, another sister and I played a duet of "I know that my Redeemer lives" and it went great! After the meeting we got to go to President's home and have homemade Cafe Rio..Orale!

The next few days we taught some good lessons with investigators Doris and Bernice and Lisbeth, and contacted some less actives as well.  OH! I almost forgot, we also taught a member referral, named Nikki -- this was just Sister Malloy's second time meeting her.  She is an older lady, probably in her 60s, and struggles a little with health, but she is a super hard worker, and she absolutely loves BYU-tv and thus knows a lot of church doctrine, after years of watching it.  She LOVES to talk, so we'd be on the subject of the Priesthood and somehow end up talking about her dogs, but after an hour of a combination of chit-chat and gospel teaching, I mentioned the word "baptism", and she told us she wants to be baptized! So she's committed, but is waiting for the word on when her knee surgery is so she can know when she can be baptized.  So pray for Nikki por favor!

One other thing that happened this week was I have just have been feeling this prompting to work on some type of program that will help the youth.  On Wednesday Sister Malloy and I went to the house of the Young Women's president, and as soon as I mentioned the idea of a musical fireside, she said that she's been wanting to do one for a year but felt like she didn't have the support.  So we were able to devise a little plan and a theme, were planning it to be around my b-day in July.  I am super excited to work with the YW on this, and most of all to invite their friends who are interested in knowing about the church as far as a missionary effort.

Exchange with Hermana Horrocks
On Friday we had District Meeting and I experienced one of my first back-west connections in nine months! Two LDS tourist families came in while we were having lunch and shook all our hands.  Sometimes it's nice to have someone know who you are :) 

Then I had my first exchange!  I was with the sweet Hermana Horrocks from Bountiful (same stake as the Palmers, crazy right?) in Loudon, TN.  We had a great time working together, we taught some lessons in Spanish, got new investigators, talked to their recent convert, and even located a less active member who hasn't been to church in decades and has tons of potential as a future leader of their little branch over there.  And through it all had a blast!  But most of all, it was just so great to learn from her, and to talk through things she was struggling with, and edify one another.  I know Heavenly Father has called me to this calling just cause He loves me a lot -- I feel super blessed to  be able to learn from these beautiful sisters. 

Church in the theater is becoming a more regular thing, they put out a little plaque out front, so that's great!  We also visited the Lackey family last night--they were celebrating their baptism one year ago and so invited us for dinner. Taught their little boys about the Title of Liberty, then Sister Lackey had us make our own! It was great! I love them so much!

Make it a great week.  Love ya!

Hermana Collier

The sign outside the church on the busy busy parkway

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