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April 14, 2014 -- A Week of Walking and Talking

Dalton Georgia, I'll never forget ya!
Que pasa Calabasas!  What's new!?

Okay, funny story before I forget:  I think I told you a while ago about Efrain. He's the guy we saw while walking home one day, and invited him to come to church, and then he came!  The Elders finally got to teach him and he's accepted a baptismal date.  After doing so, he basically told them, "It's so crazy because when the Sisters first came up to me, I thought they were the police! But then I saw Jesus Christ on their tags."  And he loves to tell that story over and over.  On Sunday he pointed at me and said "Theres the police!" :)

We've had some pretty good investigators, but for some reason have struggled maintaining investigators that are females.  So as weird as it is, I've really been praying that we'd be able to find some this week, and Heavenly Father answered my prayers!  We had a lesson with a woman named Lupe who is raising three teenage daughters.  The middle one has major special needs.  She was super open to learning more and we are really excited to start teaching them.  We also had a lesson with a woman named Manuela, who will need a lot of help, but is open to the gospel! 

Best ice cream...EVER...seriously!
On Saturday we had a cool experience, we talked to a family out on their porch, and we've talked with them in the past, so I was surprised when after chatting for a minute (and almost convincing them that I'm Puerto Rican, haha) they invited us to come in and share our message.  The Spirit was very strong in the room, especially when the dad asked, "If you were both born in the religion of your fathers, how did you come to know your Savior Jesus Christ?"  And we both just bore personal testimony in our broken Spanish that we KNEW that Joseph Smith truly was a prophet of God and the Book of Mormon is true, because we've experienced it for ourselves and it's changed our lives.  The Spirit helped us so much during that lesson, and I think they were very affected by it.

It really is amazing to look back and see how much my testimony of the Book of Mormon and the Restoration has really grown in these last 7 months.  I encourage you to study the talk from President Uchtdorf, "Are you sleeping through the Restoration?"  It is super duper true!

     thought we'd pick up some lunch on the road :)
A family in the Dalton ward just had their son get back from his mission in LA so we got to go to their home and talk to him about his mission a bit.  He has great story because he was 24 when he decided to go, after years of wandering, but served a very honorable mission.  He gave his testimony in church on Sunday and told us how important missionary work is to him and to our Savior.  I realized it is not a sacrifice I'm making to be out here at all, the Lord is giving me this chance to spread His love and serve others!

I love this gospel!  I love you all.

Hermana Collier

Hispanics give us Coke for the road...all the time!

We had a carne with la familia Mesta..pollo, carne, todo!  It was very fun!

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