Thursday, May 1, 2014

April 28, 2014 -- Refiner's Fire

Fresh guacamole! . . .
Querida Familia,

. . . when we went out to dinner with Jared and Hermana Mora.
Hola! Jon and Brianna I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!  It's getting sooo close!

Well this week was not the easiest of my mission!  But that's ok -- I am learning to love tough things, I am being humbled, and learning so much.   

It started out with some great lessons, and a lot of calling upon members, trying to get them more involved.  We got to go out with the Young Women visiting less actives and with another member who took us out to visit people.  We had some great experiences with those people.  We just want this ward to be strengthened, I'm just praying and working for it constantly! 

Satan really came out for us on Saturday. We taught a lesson to a guy named Jesus - the Spirit was super strong as we answered his questions about Joseph Smith, asked inspired questions, listened carefully, and followed the guide of the Holy Ghost.  I was super pleased with how it was going.  He was responding really well and telling us that these were answers to his prayers and he believed that Joseph Smith was truly a prophet of God. Then he told us he CANT change his religion- it's the tradition of his fathers.  I have never felt so discouraged -- I've never seen someone who so clearly believed and understood and yet blatantly denied it!

The same day, a family member of Rafael, our recent convert, stood and said such hurtful things to my companion and me as we stood in her driveway.  We wished her a good day, walked away and sat in the beating sun on the curb and cried for a minute. Wow, I have never felt so dragged down!  But this day and these experiences led to study, to prayer, and to meditation, and my testimony has been strengthened SO MUCH over these last few days!

But Rafael is experiencing some crazy pressure from his family.  Please pray for him!  We will be working with him so hard this next week.

Luis our other recent convert is doing awesome - he went to El Salvador this week, and he visited the church there.  He loved it and was amazed at the size! Of course the missionaries there all tracked him down and were super shocked when he talked to them in perfect English. He also brought us back souvenirs, woot woot!

A ward baby shower
After a semi hard week, thank goodness for members -- last night we had dinner with the Fraire family, renowned in the mission for their food, but more importantly than the authentic Mexican food, they had the spirit so strong in their home.  It was something I needed, to sit and talk about the gospel and the ups and downs of missions, and the joy of living these truths.  This next week is my last here in Rocky Face and I am super sad but excited to live up these last few days.

I KNOW that this restored gospel is true, and it is wonderful! I know that I've been called of God to be out here and for that I am so grateful.  I know that Jesus Christ is the reason for everything, and I will strive every day to help others feel of His love and His sacrifice for them.

Thanks for everything you guys do! I love y'all to death!!
Hermana Collier

With the young women we saw a wild rabbit! Emily reincarnated?  

   The Fraires had baby chicks 

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  1. I just spent a delightful 30 min perusing Maddie's missionary blog. It was so fun to see she and Olivia so happy together. So many of her experiences and pictures made me think of my own mission in Texas, homemade tortillas, service projects on and on. I can tell she is a great missionary but I never doubted she would be! Love Anne Pipe