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December 30, 2013 -- Semana de Navidad (Christmas Week)

Our district at La Pulga (flea market).  Another OYMing opportunity this week, and this is when a member that we saw there was trying to take our picture and was just saying the funniest things, hence the laughter.  I will miss the Dalton district of this last transfer!  But I'm excited for the changes as well.


It was so good to talk to y'all on Skype!  Life Changing really!  And all your presents and packages were so greatly appreciated! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

So this week was pretty great!  On Christmas Eve, we first had a very traditional dinner of Tamales and MENUDO...Yes this was my first time, Yes I did eat (part of) it, and No I didn't like it, but I am glad I had the experience of eating cow guts!  Then we went to the beautiful home of another ward member and ate some there as well, and shared Christmas stories and traditions, it was great!  I got to learn a lot about Peru and their Christmases over there.
Christmas morning we woke up, and drove with the Elders through the deserted streets to the Fraire family's home, where we opened stockings, and packages and watched the kids open presents, then had an amazing, amazing breakfast.  

After the breakfast we played a few fun games, then headed out, dropping the Elders off at an appointment.  We dropped in on a sweet Guatemalan/Mexican family we found a week or two ago to deliver an El Libro De Mormon.  We walked in and the 3 kids were gathered around 3 simple gifts.  They were enchanted by them, and when they saw us they jumped up and cried, "Ya llego Santa!"  They were SO excited about their three small gifts!  It was a big contrast from the other experiences I've had, and I felt humbled and grateful for all I've been given.  Sadly they're not in our area but I think that family will get baptized!
Christmas afternoon, I got to Skype yall at the Moore's home which was AWESOME, and then we had dinner with them.  It was a lot of food!  But I loved every second of it! 

We did this in the park the other day while OYMing,
and found an investigator through it!
  On Friday we went to the home of someone we had caroled to a couple weeks ago who's in our area, I just thought of them randomly.  All I knew was it was a big Hispanic family.  We knocked on the door and could hear guitars playing.  They opened the door and I said "Me gusta la musica!"  And the two younger Hispanic men asked if we wanted to sing, and we said yes! So we entered, and sang hymns with them.  They were practicing for their church program and needed to know how to sing :"Cantan Santos Angeles" in English, so we sang it for them.  We were able to talk about how we both loved to sing about Jesus, and answered some questions.  Then they wanted to know about our religion, so we gave them a restoration lesson.  We even taught a little about temples.  After that, I felt like we needed to sing again, and so I was a little hesitant to try it on the guitar, but I asked if we could sing one more - "Joseph Smiths first prayer" The spirit definitely helped us- I didn't know what chords to play and Sis Button hardly knew the words but we were able to finish it and the Spirit was so strong afterwards!  They loved it and were very appreciative for us spending time and sharing the message - They're super strong Catholics, but I could tell they were definitely affected by our visit!  It was so fun!

Transfer info came at the end of the week, Hermana Button and I are staying!  Elder Kamoe our DL is going home to Hawaii- he's done! Elder Garcia is leaving us and Sister Malloy, will be leaving us at the end of the month - the area she's going to isn't yet open.  So her and sister O'very will be in a trio until she goes!  I'm glad one of my mothers isn't leaving Dalton yet!

Love yall! Happy New Year!!

Hermana Collier

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