Saturday, December 28, 2013

December 23, 2013 -- Luis' baptism!

With the twins after their baptism!

Hola Familia!

Como Estamos!?

Muchas gracias for all the treats and packages and mail that I have recieved.  I am seriously sooo grateful!

I dont have much time today cause all the places are closed.  But Ill give yall a short accounting of last week!  We had a Zone Meeting on Thursday, which was super fun, we had a scarf white elephant which was pretty great.  Friday and Saturday was all spent preparing for Luis' baptism, calling members about it, and getting his interview set up and stuff.

Speaking of the interview, the zone leaders came down to do it.  It was taking kind of a long time so we got kind of worried.  After, Elder Erekson pulled Hna Button and I in the hall, and looked really serious.

He said, "So, Luis told me that yall havent taught him the Gospel of Jesus Christ."  I was so confused.  Hna button started panicking, she was like, "The Elders taught it, and we did too!"  And then Luis said, "I didn't learn it." with a completely serious face.  It was really awkward! 
And then finally Elder Erekson was like, "Just kidding! Everythings good!"  Hna Button and I just about had a heart attack, and then we found out that it was even Luis' idea!  hahaha it was hilarious.

Anyways, so on Saturday we cleaned out the font for the twins baptism (English ward) that would be earlier that day, and helped them set up for that.  Their baptism was simple and beautiful! 

After that, we started preparing for Luis.  We actually just decided it'd be on the 21st last Sunday, so we were really worried not many people would be able to come.  but I'd called some families, and the bishop's wife sent a mass text out.  Little by little, people started arriving, and there ended up being a good 40 ward members there.  Then Luis and some of his fmaily and friends showed up as well.  He got out of his car, all ready in his white jumpsuit, and it was probably the best moment of my life!  He was super happy.  the service turned out beautifully, the ward mission leader conducted, and after he was baptized all of the missionaries there sang "Haz me Andar en la luz".  The Bishop gave one of the best talks I've ever heard after, on El Don del Espiritu Santo.  When he came out, he was SO happy.  His kids and ex-wife were all there and were so fascinated with it.

The next day at church, he got confirmed. I was on the stand cause I had to speak, but after, he sat down near hna button and said "I've never felt like this before!" With a huge smile.
I love him!

So ya, this weekend was seriously amazing.  Last night we went caroling and it was so fun, we wore the santa hats you sent us! 

LOVE y'all a lot! 
With Luis right before his baptism.

After the scarf exchange at zone conference -- Feliz Navidad!

We had a party at 9:30 , ok not really, just a momentary party with the other hermanas with baptism cupcakes they got from a member! (don't worry it was like 4 minutes long. We were still using time effectively:)
Hermana Collier

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