Monday, December 9, 2013

December 9, 2013 -- Tocando Las Puertas en Dalton

After tracting in the rain for an hour, we saw this  sign!

Hola Familia!

Como Estan!?  Les Amo mucho!! Caleb I wish I couldve seen you in Christmas Carol a lot! Email me and tell me how it went!  Abe and Jon sounds like all is well with y'all.  I pray for everyone every night so I hope you can feel it!

This week was good! One thing I'm really coming to learn is that although outward results do matter, they aren't all that count.  What really counts are the changes that are taking place within the people we see and within us as misioneras. 

It's also been hard and challenging, just staying motivated, keeping a smile on, and continuing to work hard every day.  Although we're getting to the point where we have a lot of scheduled lessons every day, but without the car, we're still getting lots of good ol' tracting in.

We actually found a really good Spanish neighborhood though for this on Wednesday.  In the midst of praying with one Spanish family to the next and scheduling appointments with them, we saw an older (white) woman outside.  We talked to her for a while, she's 89 years old, and still up and moving.  We saw her backyard was covered in leaves, so asked if we could come rake leaves for her Saturday.

The next day we had a very spirit filled lesson with a young woman named Maria, who we met one day last week, she accepted a Book of Mormon and the commitment to read and pray. We get to to teach her again tomorrow.  Pray for her, por favor!

Saturday came and it was freezzziinnggg, the humidity here freezes and when the wind kicks in it's cold.  But the Elders took us to the 89 yr old lady, Alane's house.  We raked for 2 1/2 hours until the backyard was bare! She invited us in after, muddy and shivering, and we shared a scripture.  She was profusely grateful, so much that she took our picture so she could remember us.  She was so sweet, we'll return and try to teach her.  Its never too late to come to Christ, right?

On Sunday the less active family we ran into last week finally came to church! That was great to see them there!  Church was good and we got a new Ward Mission leader which I think will change a lot of things for missionary work in the ward for the better!

We've been able to continue teaching Luis, it is SO awesome to see the light that is coming to his eyes as he learns more about the Church and puts into practice the principles.  HE reminds US that we need to meet-- that's how awesome he is!  It is crazy how teaching someone and inviting them to come unto Christ, and then watching them make those changes brings about such an automatic love for them.  I have definitely been able to see that with Luis.

Also, on Friday for district meeting president came down, and did interviews.  I loved it, I feel very blessed to have such a loving mission president as Pres Irion.  OH ALSO! THE Christmas Devo last night was incredible!  Super different, but I enjoyed it, and man, I was so excited when I saw Sister Wixom was going to speak!  I loved every moment of it!

I am becoming more and more grateful for personal study time every day, I am able to learn so much and this is where my testimony is strengthened the most.  I have loved reading Jesus the Christ, especially at this time of year!  I encourage yall to do daily personal study, it is like a shield for your day.  Fam and Friends, keep on keeping on! The Lord is on your side! This I know.

Con MUCHO carino,
Hermana Collier

The Clarks -- a dear member fam 
here in Dalton who are moving wards.  
We'll miss them a lot!

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