Monday, December 9, 2013

December 2, 2013 -- A week of Accion de Gracias

Hola Familia!! 

I am so grateful for so many things en esta semana de accion de gracias.  Every night I've been writing down how I saw the Hand of the Lord in my life that day, and every day that just multiplies.
Thank you for all y'alls amazing letters and notes, they mean the world to me.  Dad and fam-THANK YOU for the Thanksgiving package!  It was perfect, my companion was so excited about the fact  you included stuff for her, and it makes our apartment smell amazing.  It really was perfect. Love y'all.  And I'll send our direct address soon!

Speaking of my companion, she may need your prayers this transfer - why?  The mission office called this week and for some reason some miscommunication was made, and I am now the driver.   (Mom, I know you're shaking your head right now.) Ha! don't worry, I am being super careful. But let's just say when the elders get a ride, I'll apologize for something, and they say, "No! We think your driving's fun!"  Probably not a good sign:)

This week was great.  Rocky Face North is having some miracles!  We have been able to stay very busy between getting to know members, knocking on doors, and studying studying studying.  We've been able to find new investigators through the Lord's hand, and received 10 this last week. 
Our Thanksgiving was bueno, we had Turkey doused in something red and spicy, and other mexican twisted thanksgiving food.  It was pretty unique! Then we played a football for a an hour.  It was pretty fun!  I was thinking of y'all going to Logan on Thanksgiving and on "Viernes Negro", I thought of y'all at Camp Tracy. I should've known it'd be Amanda who'd fall in the ice this year. :)

So one miracle this week, we had set goals in FAITH on 2 different days to visit a LARC (Less Actives or Recent Converts) the next day. The reason why I say faith is because after being in the ward for one Sunday we didn't really know who our Less Actives were. So one night, we decided to pray and select a family on the ward list to visit. We found la familia Martinez, with 3 boys older boys, and a girl in high school, and a sweet mom. We read a message on Obediencia from the Liahona, and they all attentively listened! We invited them to come to church. We didn't even know that they were less active until we talked to our district leader about them. The next day we were tracting a whole long street. We were on the 2nd to last house, but it was dark and there were no cars in the driveway. I said "Lets just skip this one", and Hermana Button said, "Come on, you never know who might live there!" The door was answered with a warm greeting -- "Missionarias! Pasenle!" (Come in!) We sat in their warm home and they told us of how sister missionaries had found them years ago and they'd been sealed in the Atlanta temple, but hadn't been to church much recently. We encouraged them to come and left with smiles.  Praying they return soon!

I am learning to love this work.  It's SO rewarding to get to know and love members, and have them come out with us and learn to love missionary work for themselves.  It's rewarding to grow closer with comp and other missionaries in the district through serving the Lord together.  It's rewarding to teach and testify, and see that a person is influenced by it.

I am so grateful for all the righteous Priesthood holders in my life that have led way by example.  I have really come to an appreciation for the priesthood and I know it is real divine power and authority from God.

 Love y'all!

Hermana Collier 

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