Monday, January 20, 2014

January 20, 2014 -- Blessed With Peace

Hola Familia!!

Como Estan!?  Estoy bien :)  Gracias for all of your emails and letters, I also got the Collier Collage which I enjoyed reading a lot!

This week was interesting!  Some highlights were getting to teach Rafael.  On Tuesday, we taught him - somehow - all the commandments, and he agreed to live them.  It was a great lesson. The sad thing is that he committed to come to church and bring his SWEET grandson Jesus, but they didn't show up :(  Jesus is 8 and has a lot of faith, I really want to baptize him when we baptize Rafael!  

This week was interesting because Hermana Button had to go to the Doctor for being sick again, and he put her on meds so she had to sleep at members homes during the days, and I went on splits with either members or the other hermanas!  While on splits with the Dalton ward Hermanas, we committed two of their investigators to baptism!  I was so happy to experience and be apart of those appointments.  

On Thursday, I went with Luisa, a member, and we made dinner and ate with a less active family and shared a great message, and they came to church on Sunday! They were awesome and we had a great time.  

As for personal growth this week though, I've experienced a lot!  Last time Hna Button got sick, I was really discouraged because of the work not getting accomplished, but this time Heavenly Father really helped me. I just had this moment when I realized that if the circumstances are something I can't control, I don't need to worry! My job is to serve and love and be the best I can where I am, if you know what I mean.  So I focused on doing little acts of service every day, and in 5 days I can't even believe how much stronger our companionship has become.  Unity is really first in all aspects of life!  I have become so much more grateful for her, and we've had so much fun this week.

I am SO grateful for a loving Savior who helps us if we rely on Him!

Love you all so much.  Thanks for all your support!

Love, Hermana Collier

p.s. Hna Button was just on the phone with President Irion and he said something that suggested perhaps I get to stay here a transfer longer!  :):) :)

p.s.s.  Afterthoughts:
1. I translated on Sunday (spanish to english) because usually the District leader does it, but he said it would help me grow so he made me.  It was super hard, but I had fun!  The people who had the headphones were nice and said I did a good job.  It was nice of them. :)

2. The other day while practicing piano (because I'm now the Primary pianist, how did that happen?), I tried out the organ, and it is SO FUN! I am going to learn!!

love mads

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