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October 14, 2014 - It's Fall, Y'all

This was a very soggy soggy week.
Hello family!!!

Thanks for all the emails and words of encouragement.  Sorry I missed y'all yesterday, we had zone meeting and so today's p-day.  Mother thank you for the hummingbird umbrella it has gone to extremely good use, as Sevier county has had severe thunderstorms almost every day!  (how puny)

But we had a good week--it included a lot of planning and practicing for the musical fireside.  So rewinding like 3 months, when I first got here I planted the idea of doing a musical fireside for the ward, especially because we meet in a theater it would be ideal!  After it got changed and pushed back several times, this last Sunday was the most opportune day.  So we called everyone who had agreed to perform, and made arrangements for the refreshments, and got together a couple numbers between the missionaries and the youth.  The Lord REALLY helped us!

On Friday we got to teach Nikki, she is doing so great, and her husband is so close to agreeing to meet with the missionaries.  She is so solid and is going to get her patriarchal blessing any day now!  We saw Raisa - she is so tough for me, but I have seen a change come in myself as I have taught her.  She has taught me a lot of patience, and for that I am grateful.  We also had a lot of service done this week, from stripping wallpaper to organizing rooms and more.  Saw some HUGE spiders this week, one the size of my hand while tracting. Happy Halloween!  Sister Guevara gave an amazing training on Friday about losing ourselves in the work of the Lord and it taught me so much. I am so humbled at the way she's grown on her mission, her great attitude about it, and her abilities.  She's great!
Anywho, Sunday came along and what a day it was!  Went to early meetings, then after church went to the Murphy's pool where we had Brianna's baptism.  We prayed so hard all morning that the rain would stop in time for the baptism and it did!  For the whole beginning of the service and the baptism, it was fine.  When she came back out afterward, it started pouring down.  All the members at the baptism crowded into a tiny gazebo and we sang and prayed together, and we were all smiling and laughing and I felt such a strong bond of unity!
​Sister Whitehead took us out to eat! When we told
Ward council this they were going crazy!!
Not long after that, we headed up to the theater-church for the Musical Fireside - little did we know that the traffic would be horrible!  It usually takes us 30 minutes to get there, it took us about an hour.  When I walked into the theater church, sitting right there to my suprise was our 90-year-old investigator Lisbeth! Her daughter brought her.  It made my night to have her there!

Anyway, it was very very stressful, because everyone who was performing was supposed to be there early but all were stuck in traffic.  Everyone who was performing came eventually though, and then some people came to watch too.  The turn-out from the ward was less than we had hoped, but once it began, everything went very smoothly!  I was SO overjoyed and grateful!  I just know that even though it was a last-minute effort, Heavenly Father really cared to support me in this desire and everyone who came really enjoyed it.  Brother Sheets performed some beautiful recitations, the Bishop sang, I did a violin duet with another sister, the missionaries sang, the Young women, and some other members.  We ended with a powerful Mormon message, "The Hope of God's Light".  Many were in tears by the end, including me a bit.  So I was happy with our Pigeon Forge musical fireside.

Yesterday Bishop and Sister Cole had us over for dinner and fed us 1-lb burgers.  INSANE!  They are so fun and I love them and will miss them! 

I love Bishop Cole and his wife!
I wasn't feeling to great yesterday and so I got a priesthood blessing last night, and it was so very needed.  Do you think Heavenly Father can make people get sick just cause He needs to tell them something in a blessing? Possibly!  Even though it spoke about trials I'll face in my future, it was just so powerful to know that God cares for me enough to tell me about them, I suppose.  I don't know if you know what I mean, but point is, I am grateful for the priesthood!

I love you all.  Have a great week!
Love Mads :)

​I love cows!

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