Monday, October 6, 2014

October 6, 2014 -- Celeste's baptism, General Conference, etc.

At Laurel Falls on P-day
Dear familia!

Well this week was eventful.  On monday we hiked a place in the smokies called Laurel Falls, and had lots of fun!  Not only was it beautiful, but it is so fun to talk to the tourists and people from all over the US who are visiting.  October is the peak tourist season here because of the phenomenon called "The colors".  AKA looking at the fall leaves.

 Then we got a media referral that we contacted on Tuesday.  His name is Austin, and he's been looking for a church to go to.  He spent the last year at school, and he had an LDS friend from Cincinnati, and she asked if he'd be willing to learn more, and he said yes.  When we went to go contact him, we were all out of Book of Mormons, but I finally found one under my seat, before we knocked on his door.  And the Book of Mormon is just what he'd requested, so it worked out perfectly!  We taught him the Restoration and then a lesson on the Holy Ghost with a sweet member of our ward, and he is already excited about it.  We asked if his family may be interested in learning more and he said yes, so hopefully we get to teach the rest of his family next time.  He almost came to General conference too, but ended up cancelling, but it will be great to continue to teach him!

Wednesday was Celeste's baptism!  So Brianna, the elder's investigator, was supposed to be baptized too.  At the last minute she called us telling us that her baby was sick and they had to take him to the ER, and she wouldn't make it.  We had to call the elders and tell them this, and so they were held back, and they had the music for the baptism.  Once everyone got there it was all so crazy and the missionaries were all running around setting things up - the music we'd chosen wasn't working out. Finally, the service started, and we felt the Spirit come in.  The sun was setting  around the pool and pretty backyard, and Celeste looked so happy in her white dress.  We all bowed our heads and said a special prayer for Brianna and her baby, then the service for Celeste continued.  We'd planned to sing Celeste's favorite song, "Come unto Christ", but the music hadn't worked out. But right before Celeste came out, we'd figured out a way to do it.  God is a sound technician sometimes! We went up with some of the Young Women, sang the song, and there was SUCH a strong spirit.  It was amazing.  I'll never forget how calm it felt.  Afterwards, Bonnie, her mom, who was baptized a year ago, said "I'm so happy that Celeste made the decision to be baptized, because now we can be sealed, and that is what it's all about - living together forever."   It was one of those slices of heaven.

Celeste's baptism

General Conference this weekend could not have been better right?  I thought it was amazing how many of them talked about prophets, and personal revelation, and my favorite scripture, Hel 5:12 was quoted like 4 times! I was amazed.  It was great bonding time with the missionaries and brother sheets too because that's basically all that came to watch at the church-theater.  :)  Except some faithful, returning members.  I am truly astounded by the quiet, strong testimonies of members who fall away and then return again.  An example of one that came to conference was a man named Gary, who's in town for about a year working at a local theater.  You can tell he's into show business, and is a city guy, but he hasn't been back to chruch in many years and stopped by to pay a visit.  Brother sheets noticed his last name is Mckay and when he asked if he's related to the prophet, he teared up and said "Yes. I am sort of the black sheep of them though." and wiped his tears, and then "Sorry, I just feel the spirit here very strongly." Then quickly walked out of the door.  I was impressed by his desire to come back to church. funny moment of the week. I sat down to teach Sister Whitehead on her porch and somehow just fell right off into her yard!  Legs flying in the air and probably gave my companion and her a good show. 

Miss ya love ya make it w great week--
Hermana Collier

Laurel Falls with Hermana Guevera

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