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September 29, 2014 -- Southern Harmony

Doing some southern harmony at the local Fall Festival on P-day
Hello family!

Well I had a great week.  What happened? Well.......

We taught some fun people, including Jafet, the 18 year old.  We hope he'll continue to progress, when they work on Sunday's it's really hard to see their progression sometimes!  But it's ok!  On Tuesday night I got to go exchange with Sister Steiner, in Maryville for a day.  This sister is so fun and hilarious, we have loads of fun on our exchanges!  We knocked on this one door and the lady said that she was sick so she didn't have time to listen to our message, and then looked back into her house and complained about her children.  I said, "Well we love to clean! Can we just help you out for a minute?" She just looked so surprised but said we were welcome to do so.  We just went in and tidied and washed her dishes and put them away, and by that time she'd completely changed.  She was so happy we'd cleaned that she almost begged us to stay and teach her and then invited us to eat dinner, but we had an appointment so we just said a prayer and they scheduled to go back the next day.  It was super cool.

Then we had Zone meeting on Friday.  This was fabulous! We mostly just talked a lot about finding and we're setting goals as a mission to really talk with everyone and spend more time out of our days finding.  In interviews with President, it was so funny!  You know how we told you that the sister we live with says we're very noisy whenever we walk down the stairs? Well anywho president said to me, "What does that dear sister think, that you can just fly out the window?" haha!  It took such a burden off of me cause I knew I could be honest with him and tell him it's been hard.  He said that after this transfer (Oct 22) no one will be living there, they're actually closing our area, not because it's not productive, but the ward can't use three sets of missionaries and so we will be leaving and elders will take in Seymour.  I was truly so sad to hear this! Although I have little complaints here and there, my heart is here in Sevierville, I don't want to leave these people.  So just don't come Oct 22.  But I do know that the Lord has greater plans, and I trust Him!  President Griffin is so so great, it's always such a treat to to talk with him.

At the end of Zone meeting we got a special viewing of Meet the Mormons! (popcorn included:) It was a really good show!  It truly was one of those shows that both entertained and uplifted you, inspiring to be better, so I'm excited for y'all to see it as well. 
Speaking of people here we spent a lot of time this week serving and teaching at the Murphy home, Celeste's family.  I love this family so much!  They were all, except Celeste baptized a year ago.  We had a lesson in their home for Celeste and the elder's investigator Brianna, and Bonnie helped us teach everything - a recent convert herself!  It was so awesome to see her explaining about the Priesthood being restored and how our church has is the only one with the right authority.  So the pool baptism is going to happen on Wednesday and both Celeste and Brianna are so excited. Should be great!

On Saturday, Brother Sheets was in charge of entertainment at a local Fall Festival.  I got to go and play some great fiddle songs and sing a couple too.  Of course I am up there with seasoned Southern gospel country artists that have lived in Tennessee all their lives, and it could've been a lost cause! But thanks to growing up on Uncle Howard's Western music I could follow along pretty well with some of the classics like "Ghost Riders in the Sky" and "Tennessee Waltz".  There is a LOT of gospel music out there!
The General Women's meeting was really great, I loved Sister Marriott's talk, the temple presentation, and Sister Pike Tall's beautiful choir. So great.  

Today we're going hiking in the smokies, I'm excited! 
Well love you all.  Pray for us, we're praying for you! Make it a 

Hermana Collier

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