Saturday, October 25, 2014

October 20, 2014 - Adieu County of Sevier

My last time going to church in a theater! 

Hello family,

Wow.  Well this week was good.  

Thursday we had a cool experience.  We were finding, and decided to head down a dark, semi-creepy road where there was a big log house at the end.  Outside sat a lady named Andrea reading her bible.  She talked to us and explained that she's going through trials in her life right now- her son has Celebral palsy, and she is a single mom, and looking for answers.  We told her of the ways the gospel can bless her life.  She told us that she knew we were heaven-sent and we had a purpose there.  So we got her information and hopefully the elders can teach Andrea!

 We've worked with the Elders to move all our people to their teaching pool, and so we had a lesson with Mexican named Jorge that I met a couple weeks ago in a gas-station.  He's kind of a miracle, he is very humble and is accepting the lessons, although he doesnt say much during our lessons.  But we can see this message is affecting his life cause he came to church on Sunday!  It was great!

We also taught and handed over a sweet lady for the last time named Cindy.  She really loved talking to us sisters, and had really good questions, so we hope she'll continue progressing.  I have truly come to love this investigator so it was a little sad, but I'll keep praying that she'll receive her answers through the Holy Ghost.

On Friday we taught Nikki Singletary for the last time, then helped and ate with the Turley family who we love.  Saturday we could tell people the area's closing.  We went through our appointments and they were all good, and then we had dinner with La Familia Figueroa.  I came up to Maryuri, my first Sunday here and asked if we could come practice Spanish with her sometime.   We've gone to their house to eat and practice English/Spanish almost every week since then.  They have such STRONG testimonies - they are 25 and 26, Josue is  a RM, and they speak almost no english yet come to church each Sunday faithfully and raise their little son in righteousness.  This family has changed my life.  Anywho, we ate and talked like we always do on Saturday, then we sat down to share a spiritual thought - I wasnt even thinking about the fact this was our last time.  But as I began to speak, Maryuri immediately burst into tears.  She said she'd never forget me and she was so grateful for me.  We just sat on the couch and held each other for a tender moment.  It affected me deeply.  Here I am, a young, silly 20 year old girl, who has come to this family's house to eat and talk and enjoy of their spirit for 6 months, and yet they are thanking me!?  I was so humbled and amazed at their LOVE.  That is the true love of Christ.  Afterward we dropped by Bonnie Murphy's home and told her, and she as well immediately burst into tears.  I just got into the car after and said, "Hermana, it's so true, this work is not about me, it's about these PEOPLE!"  Which is something I've always known, but sometimes I forget.  It's easy to get caught up in little unimportant things about me and myself, when in reality I should always be centered on others!

Sunday was emotional for me, everyone was very devastated that there won't be sisters in Sevierville anymore.  But mostly, I know that the Lord has a plan for this area, and I mostly just felt the LOVE from the members.  Sevier county is truly a unique and wonderful place.   And it was crazy knowing this is my last time going to church in a theater!  Across from the Titanic.  I can't fathom a normal church building :)  I will really miss our ward mission leader Brother Sheets, and the missionaries here so much!   

We didn't get the chance to hear the transfer call so I dont even know what my OPTIONS are for where I'm going.  At first I was a little upset about this but I have to keep reminding myself that I've always wanted to know what it's like to go to transfer meeting and know I can go ANYWHERE with ANYONE in all of Eastern Tennessee!  So I am kind of excited. That being said, I am also scared.  The blessing I received last week said that I have trials ahead of me and I have felt the Spirit telling me that a lot recently so I am just a mix of emotions.  

Well anywho, I love you all a lot!  

Love Mads

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