Tuesday, March 4, 2014

March 4, 2014 -- Remember the worth of souls is great!

Just kind of one of those . . . moments

Buenos Dias Familia!

So this week has been good, long, but good!

So I am trying to see bike week as a friend and not foe.  There are so many different areas we could be in, and people are only home on certain days and at certain times, so it feels like we can use time much more effectively on car week. 

That being said, we were able to experience the hand of the Lord in little ways again this week :) On the way to one appointment 5 miles away, we got lost for a minute (my bad) and were in a moment of despair, but then we saw a happy guy walking down the street with a latter.  We walked up and started a conversation with him.  He guided us back to where we were heading, and we are going to teach him and his family tommorow!  His name is Rey and we couldnt be more excited.

One day we rode to a mexican restuarant and had a lesson with Luis, then rode to an appointment. It was FREEZING, the sun was out but the wind chill went right to the bone.  Out of nowhere 5 dogs came up nipping at my heels, I started laughing because when you can't cry, laugh right?  Then a guy working on his car, Jesus, came and scared off the dogs for us.  We got off our bikes and started talking and turns out he's met with the missionaries before.  He said he'd love to meet again!  So moral of the story: even though bike week can be hard, we always recieve blessings, not to mention great memories!  One time, while on foot, we talked about our favorite foods for 2 hours.

Hermana or Sister Coleman, the Missionary "Mom" of Dalton. she's great!
This week RAFAEL Y JESUS came to church! AND Rafael is super excited for his baptism on Saturday.  It was Jesus' first time at church, and he actually loved it - one of the Elders really befriended him which made him love it even more.  I am so happy for him and we're going to set a date with him this week!  I dont know if I told yall about the scare Rafael had about getting baptized after seeing the English ward baptism, (they didnt know what they were doing so, the recent convert got like dropped into the water) and so on Sunday we made sure to decide on "Un Hombre muy fuerte" to baptize him. :)

I can't believe someone that I found in the street one day, and taught all the lessons to, is going to be baptized! I still remember meeting him, with his big sombrero.  He's come a long way and loves the church, I am just so grateful for the chance the Lord gave me to see this happen!  It definetely shows me that there are people being prepared today and every day wherever we are!

Well, love yall!  Hope you have a GREAT week!

Hermana Maddy
The office couple, the Roners on their way home from their mission.  I love them and will miss them so much! And they told me some interesting things...

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