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February 24, 2014 - Fun Week in Dalton

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Hola Familia!

Well, here in Dalton, we've had a blast this week. 

   First, we taught Rafael Quintero and Elsa (daughter) and Jesus (grandson) and Melissa (granddaughter) the Plan of Salvation, and they loved it, and we excitedly invited Jesus and Rafael to church. They said yes, but Sunday morning they called and said they couldn't!  So Jesus can't be baptized on the 8th.  But we called Rafael, and he said he still wants to be!  Orale!  Por favor pray for Rafael that he can be baptized on Feb 8. And we know Jesus, and Melissa for that matter, will be baptized someday as well.

   We taught a famliy, the Masias', one time this week, and invited them to come to church, and they said they'd like to. We dropped in on Saturday to remind them, and taught the Restoration with a little more detail.  We were sitting in church discouraged about Rafael and family not coming, but not really thinking about anyone else that could come.  To our suprise, Maria and her 3 adorable children walked in and sat by us!  They left right after to go to the Catholic church, but we were still happy to see them.  It was a mini miracle, and I know the words in church touched their hearts!

   Another small miracle was when we were having dinner with Luisa, a sister in our ward. She is so sweet and loves her siblings (that all live in Dalton) so much.  Before we sat down to eat, her (less-active) brother called her who needed help on his car, so we upped & went to WalMart and helped him out. After, we invited him to church.  He came on Sunday, for the first time in like 6 years!  I think he'll be changing a lot in this next little bit.

    OKKK so the other day we had to drop the car off somewhere, and took our bikes so we could ride back home.  On the way up the hill, some dude started clapping to cheer us on (rude) and so we were laughing really really hard.  And all of a sudden my wheel caught on the sidewalk and I just fell straight down! Hahah WHILE I was laughing, no joke.  My companion couldn't breathe because of the laughter, and the rest of the day was filled with random long moments of laughter! Pretty unforgettable!

   We were at the Pulga (flea market) the other day, and some dude had a hen, and we asked if wecould get a picture with it.  So I got a picture with it, then when Hermana Winters went to get one, the dude just put his arm tight around her, it was pretty hilarious.  We left REALLY fast, even though he said he wanted to learn more about our church.  We had some pretty great times this week.

  Last night we needed a team-up, and couldn't think of anyone but we finally thought of an 18 year old in the ward who has a little girl out of wedlock, but comes to church regularly.  We decided it would strengthen her a lot to come out with us.  We took her and her sister out and had a blast together.  We could tell that they were being spiritually strengthened which was great!

  I am so so grateful for good caring parents in this world.  At the home of a less active young women last night that just got back from juvenile detention, the Father was just in tears as he explained to us that he can't sleep every night for fear that she'll sneak out.  It was the most heartbreaking thing to see his concern for his daughter and the love in his eyes.  Loving parents are really just the best. Thanks Mom and Dad for being that for me!

Love you all!

Hermanita Collier   

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