Tuesday, March 18, 2014

March 18, 2014 -- Sprrinnngg is Cominggg!!!

You are sending Harry the violin!!  My joy can not be explained in simple words.  I am probably going to Knoxville (we'll see-transfers) next Wednesday so I will get him then.  I am so excited, thank you so much! :)

So this week in Dalton, the sun has begun to really come out and it's been beautiful, and in my opinion life is just easier when it's a beautiful day.  We were on our way to an appointment on Thursday, and I felt impressed that we should tract a little on one street.  We knocked on the door of a young mom, Kelsey, and she let us right in.  We talked for a minute and taught the Restoration, and she was just taking it in so excitedly! At the end of the lesson  Hermana Winters said "Kelsey, we came here for a reason today. Can you feel that?" And she replied "Yes, I know you did.  God knew I needed you two today." Then we asked if she'd say the closing prayer and she said a beautiful prayer, thanking Heavenly Father and describing that our visit had answered some of the prayers she'd been asking for.
We went back yesterday, but her mom has cancer so she's in the hospital for her for a few days.  She is English, but our district leader said that we can follow up with her for at least a couple lessons. 

This week we also played soccer with Jesus (10 year old investigator) in the park because he came to church a bit ago-that was his bribe.  We had a blast, and after we taught Maria that has the three children and is super catholic. That went well, although she is a slow work in progress. She agrees with everything we teach, but is very comfortable and isn't ready to keep commitments.

OK now for the Recent converts feature section of my email!  So like last week we met an investigator named Guadalupe, who we thought was like Rafael's TWIN: same age, from the same state of MX, and very interested in our message, so for our second lesson we tried to bring Rafael right? We arrive, and Guadalupe is WASTED!  We stood awkwardly on his doorstep, and didn't want to waste Rafael's time but I also didn't think it'd be a very productive lesson if we taught him.  But Rafael, man of the day took control of the situation, and said No no, sorry guadalupe, we'll come back a different day! And then "Lets go hermanas" He was like our grandpa and it was so sweet, he was so excited to teach the lesson but he wanted our safety first.  It was great.  

The English sisters recent convert, Jesse, gave a talk at a baptism on Saturday and talked about ever since he got baptized he feels like an eagle who has started gaining altitude and is just going to rise higher and higher.  Luis Gonzalez as well is amazing, not only is he the most active person in the ward, but he is going down to visit El Salvador next month and is going to have the missionaries visit his friend, and find the church in his little town.  Recent converts are INSPIRING.

The Dalton Elders had a baptism on Saturday, and we sang "I Am a Child of God".  I always play the instruments so I told them I won't accompany on the guitar or violin, so I taught Elder Busch our DL to play it on the guitar, it was quite a fulfilling moment when he did it, and the spirit was strong as we all sang!  And the baptism was great too!

So transfer calls are this week. On Saturday. No Puedo creerlo.  I will die if I move.  But I know I won't really, but I will be a little sad!   Part of me feels like I'm done here in Dalton, but part of me feels like not quite, so we'll just see what happens in 5 days. 

The reason I'm emailing today and not ayer is because we had zone meeting.  It was a great meeting, and we got Interviews from Pres and sis Irion which was fun. Then after, we played volleyball, ward vs. ward.  As a Rocky Face ward we made t-shirts, the Rocky FAce Ganadores (winners), and guess what? We won! It was great!

And for St Pattys day, I wore green, yay! And had a shamrock shake.  They're just mint ice cream, a little overpriced.

This is one thing I've been learning about, Extending and keeping commitments.  In Jacob 2, it says, "this day I am weighed down with much more desire and anxiety for the welfare of your souls than I hitherto have been" As missionaries we are often weighed down by the people's souls, because we can see their value and worth. But it is definitely something amazing to feel a little of the Godly sorrow, and it is motivating to KEEP inviting, keep extending commitments, because that is how people can gain Eternal Life!!  I am working on inviting TODAY because "A no today is better than a no tomorrow."  Invite all your friends and yourself to do hard things!

Love you all.  Thanks for your support!!

Love Hermana Madeleine

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