Monday, December 8, 2014

November 24, 2014 -- Continued Learning

With Jim doing our "serious faces"
Dear Familia!  

This week was really good.  Things really felt better with my companion.  I've had the great chance to spend a lot of time studying this last General Conference, which has been SO amazing! I am so grateful for these inspired talks.  I have learned a lot.

So this week we've had some good success.   We got a few new investigators from a bible referral - people who ask for a bible, and we brought it by and a book of mormon as well.  It is so great to see people read the book of mormon and see the light go off in their minds and begin to really love it.  There is so much power in that book!  

Every p-day in Cumberland Gap, our friend and eter-nigator Jim feeds the missionaries (He loves mormons, missionaries, the church, but doesnt believe he needs to get baptized).  We just have a good time together.  Anyway, somehow we got on the subject last time, and I said, "Is it true that you believe in Jesus Christ Jim?"  And he went on to explain that he does, but he thinks he was just a good guy basically, not the only Begotten Son.  I don't remember how, but it ended up that Sister Behunin, who is often quiet, began to share her experience how she'd come to the knowledge of her testimony.  She tearfully explained about an experience she had with her family, and was very emotional.  You could hear a pin drop after, and Jim was clearly affected.  The Elders have tried to teach him and they said that every time they do, he just retorts with some scientific answer - but he had nothing to say after Sister Behunin powerful shared her witness of Jesus Christ.  It was so cool!

Chris, our catholic friend, was one of the highlights of the week.  We taught him with a sister in the ward who converted from Catholicism.  He came with a list of questions and doubts - we were very nervous - but they ended up just being questions about what to expect if he were to go to church, and some questions about the priesthood and the sacrament.  We were able to answer all of them and satisfy him.  Then we taught the Plan of Salvation - he was kind of blown away!  As we talked about the Spirit world, he said, "I've always believed our spirits would live on, but no one agreed with me."  He went on to say that he felt like he was very led to the message.  He called on Saturday wanting a ride to church, but turns out his aunt passed away Sunday morning so he didn't make it!  He is slowly learning and I think he'll come around fast.

I have really re-committed to the work this week and feel very gun-hoe about going forward and working our hardest.  I love getting lost in the Work of Salvation, although it's one that you can't always see immediately fruits of!

We also went to randomly visit an investigator this weekend unscheduled, and she had friends over - one of whom is a less-active that we've been trying to get in touch with forever!  So that was great. We had a miracle today too!  At Wal-Mart I started talking to a lady, and then a man approached us after and he asked if we're mormons.  Turns out he was baptized as a young boy and would like to return to church, and he wants us to meet his girlfriend too.  So hopefully we can begin teaching them.

So this week went smoothly.  It's just a constant effort though, got to keep on my game.  

Love, Sister Collier
Cumberland Gap District.  Biggest in the mission!  E: Ruth, Bradshaw, Searle, Edman, Bright, Farnsworth, E& S Funk. Sisters Behunin, me, Rindlisbacher, Hale, Hansen, and Linford.  Love them!

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