Tuesday, December 23, 2014

December 22, 2914 -- Merrrrryyy Christmas!!

Dear Family!

This week has been fabulous. 

Tuesday we got to go to our Zone Conference, and I really liked the trainings.  I learned a lot and was very inspired and motivated!  We talked a lot about taking responsibility and personal goal setting, and also exercising more faith in those we teach, and therefore leaving more commitments.  It was great!  Then we had a lot of fun with skits, dodgeball, and watching Frozen.  I was like a little girl the whole time, I absolutely LOVED it!!!  

That night Sister Parkinson came up here with me for an exchange - she is a great friend.  We had a great time at the ward party and saw Santa Claus.  We taught a lot of really great lessons together and talked all night about life and missions and everything!  I'm sad to see her leave the TKM.  I missed Hermana Loper on the first exchange so we were both happy to get back together. 

We had dinner that night with some members who'd asked me earlier what my favorite thing is that my mom makes in passing, and I'd said Pot Roast.  They totally made us amazing pot roast!  I owe the future missionaries in my life big time after the way we've been treated by the members!!

We also had a meal with a kind older professor and another family in the ward, and were able to have a great Christmas message.  On Saturday we had a really good busy day.  We taught Seth and Alissa, the Plan of Salvation, and committed them to come to church.  

So we've been working with Paige Cloud.  She's been learning about the Church because of curiosity, just to be informed, since June.  She has two little boys that are crazy!  But she works with a member of our ward at the local community college, and is fascinated with how he came to have his testimony.  So we worked it out to have a dinner and lesson in their home with her on Saturday.
We showed up and waited, and waited, and Paige and the boys hadn't come!  Finally she called saying she'd thought it was an hour later, but was on her way.  So she finally showed up!  We had a great meal, and taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ and committed her to come to church Sunday.  She said, "It's the boys you'll have to convince!"  So we said, you know what? We'll take care of that!  Sunday morning we woke up, got ready and studied a little, then went to Paige's.  We picked out clothes for the boys, got their cereal ready while Paige got ready.  She also cares for the 2 year old daughter of a friend, so we got her all dressed too and got everyone buckled into the car and then they followed us to church.  Only 12 minutes late!  

Seth and Alissa came too!!!

It was a GREAT meeting.  There were beautiful testimonies and I played a musical number and there were other great musical numbers.  

The elders had an investigator and their daughter come, too, so we had four first-time investigators in Gospel Principles, plus a couple of clingy children.  Something really struck me while I was in there, how prepared the people of the South are.  I never realized before my mission, how much of what we believe is contained in the Holy Bible.  The teacher started a sentence, and Seth and Alissa and Paige and the Elder's investigator, Angela, ALL could finish it for her - all of whom have taken just a couple missionary lessons.  These people KNOW their Bible and that makes them so much more ready for the gospel, if they can just receive the message of the Restoration!  

After church we helped Paige clean up her house a little, and I was doing her dishes when the sink started leaking like crazy! I thought of a kind member and he drove from 30 minutes away, and had the part in his car to fix it.  

So I am so blessed to be serving here and with these amazing members and investigators and missionaries. 


Love Mads

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