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July 7, 2014 -- Fourth of July Week!

The first Utah license plate I've seen in 10 months:) I think it was President Griffin's car:)
HOLA family! 

So one of the main highlights of the week was meeting President and Sister Griffin.  We had Leadership council on Tuesday -- literally his first day in the mission!  They are young, energetic, and excited about Hastening the Work.  He is a strong and loving leader and so I am super pumped about how the work will change here in the TK mission! I just love President and Sister Griffen a lot already!

He taught a lot about leading, teaching, and working by the Spirit.  He told stories about working on a farm and how work horses are double-yoked, and he related it that we are the work horses and he is the one right next to us, pulling the equal weight.  

I have gained a testimony this week of working stronger by the power of the Spirit this week.  The next day when Hermana Malloy and I had a spare minute, we really tried to think of who we needed to see and we both felt we had to go see the Glatz's, a returning member couple.  We were confused as to why because we had a meal appointment with them the next day, but we went anyways and shared a scripture and a prayer. After I said the prayer, Brother Don (as he likes to be called) told us (in his new york accent) that he really needed our visit, they were closing the deal on selling their business that day, and the stress and pressure was building up, and our visit was exactly what they needed. It was great to know we were an instrument in the Lord's hand!  So a couple days later when we went to eat out with the Glatz's, who are preparing to go to the temple for the first time since they were sealed 30 years ago, and we gave them a "10-day till the temple" countdown challenge.  They gladly accepted.  They are soo funny, i just wish you could meet them, they are SO hilarious!

On Wednesday we taught Doris (a returning member) and her boyfriend Ken, and Ken told us he really felt a difference in his life when we visited, and he wanted to change.  He also said "I just don't think I can be a mormon because when I think of mormons I think of clean houses, and lawyers and doctors, and I'm just not like that!" We told them we'd return that weekend, and prayed hard about who to bring as a team-up for that, and thought of a Brother Theddy.  So we called Brother Theddy and he was SO EXCITED! I'll explain more about him below.  

Then we taught a man Ron that we'd met last week and we were so hopeful about! He was kind and interested and intelligent, so we brought Brother House, and had a good lesson, but at the end he just dropped us cold.  :(

​The view from the Abregus, where we ate on the 4th-- :)
Welcome to Pigeon Forge!
The next day was the fourth of July. We wore patriotic garb, and on the whole way to Farragut, with the Zone Leaders we listened to patriotic Mormon Tabernacle Choir and told the world "Happy Merica Day!" waving out the window at people.  I'm sure you can just see it family.  Sometimes it's nice to let my crazy side out for a minute.  "Zone Meeting of Independence" as we called it, went well and we had interviews with President. I enjoyed that, he told me that we're getting ipads eventually (!) and some other changes I'm excited about.  That night we went all the way to Pigeon Forge to have dinner with some sweet members de Argentina.  It was a little stressful because we'd stayed late to clean up after the meeting, then there's this thing in Pigeon forge called the PARKWAY which is PACKED on the 4th. BUT when we finally got to the backroads and topped the mountain where they lived and looked out to see a PERFECT view of the Smoky Mountains, I was in heaven! So we ate a great meal with them, and saw lotsa fireworks from their porch.  Very memorable fourth for me!

So Brother Theddy is a returning member that the Elders have been working with.  After 40 years of inactivity, he's come back to church, long ponytail and beard, but strong testimony and ready to be involved!  So on Saturday we had Brother Theddy come with us on a team-up to teach Doris and Ken.  We thought the lesson went OK, but the most rewarding part was him on Sunday.  First of all, he helped me teach gospel principles class on the Sacrament - and did such a great job.  Then, he stood up in church and said "I went with the sisters to go family teaching this week.  I just want to tell you all, I haven't had an experience so rewarding and spiritual since my baptism. I just loved it so much! Then when it came time to leave, I just wanted to follow the Sisters to their next appointment!" hahaha I love him so much!  And then Sunday the Glatz's also stood together and bore their testimony on how excited they are for the temple, and Brother Don said, "Thanks to my little sistas I'm getting a testimony of the scripchtas."  Sometimes it suprises you to hear that the little things you do reallly pay off!

Our investigators Nikki and Margaret both came to church, Nikki is doing so strong and is looking to move up her date sooner possibly!

Love Hermana Collier
​Con las hermanas abregu. There were fireworks behind us.  We just didnt quite catch 'em.

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