Monday, June 30, 2014

June 30, 2014 -- Every Town Has Its Ups and Downs . . .

Lisbeth! sparkling water is good
Hello Familia!  

Well! This week has had many bittersweet moments!   

We saw President for the last time on Monday and now they're headed home! I can not even believe it, but I know they're extremely excited.  So I'm happy for them too!  I just will miss their sense of humor so much.  He had to save a temple recommend thing for Sister Malloy online, and after he did it he was telling us how it read on the screen, "Sister Malloy, you have been saved."  And he just couldn't get over how funny that was!  He sent a text after that said, "After 16 months of serving in the South, you have been SAVED Sister Malloy!"

 The Lackeys, the recent-convert family we always help and act out scripture stories with, got evicted out of their home.  We were kind of their strongest support from the ward and so they were calling us every day with updates.  It's really hard to see a family going through that, but it's taught me a lot, and helped me grow in charity-wanting the best for them, and yet loving them enough to let them go and I guess kind of suffer the consequences.  

Raisa our recent convert is really struggling temporally, which affects the physical, and she's working towards the temple so it's hard for us to see.  She's another semi-missionary-dependent person.  so we're just working like crazy to get the ward to step up and get in there and really fellowship her!  She needs your prayers though!

  The members we live with, the House's are moving in Sept, so the missionaries will be too! So we get to find a new apartment, it's kind of fun cause we're helping find one.  It will probably be around mid-august though so we have a bit of time.  I am a little sad cause I like our big old house but also kind of excited to have our own place.  

  So back to this week!  Along with the Lackeys and Raisa we also got to teach Nikki (twice), she is coming along so great!  She has the Gift of believing the testimonies of others.  We set a date for the 26 of July, and we'll have to have it out in Maryville ( a couple miles down the road from Seymour) because we she'd prefer that to a swimming pool!  

Me and O'very "good" in Loudon
  Oh looks like I have to hurry! I just want to share an experience I had with my Hermanita O'very while we exchanged in Loudon TN.  We went to teach a part-member family- the husband wasnt a member.  We had planned to teach on missionary work, and wow! I just love seeing how sister o'very has grown in her ability to teach since I served with her in Dalton for all that time.  We were able to really just flow through the lesson and they seemed to really be understanding.  As we shared Mosiah 28:3 and talked about why spreading the news of Repentance, I acme to understand the Atonement in a completely different way.  As I summarized the story of the sons of Mosiah, I found myself saying something like, "They understood what it was like to be in the depths of despair, and then get pulled out again, and that's what Christ offers for all of us.  As a human race, we can be pulled out of despair and be made clean because he Atoned for our sins."  It wasnt me saying it though it was the Spirit. Then we shared D&C 18 that talks about how great shall be our joy in the Kingdom of our Father.  When Brother Wooten read the verse, we asked "Who do you think that one soul is that He wants?" And I just saw the lightbulb go off in his mind and he looked at us and said "It's our souls!"  

Love you!

Hermana Collier

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