Tuesday, February 11, 2014

February 4, 2014 -- An Awesome Week!

Hola Familia!!  

Wow I am just so grateful for all of  yall and your support.  I am built up by your words.  I just love you so much!

This week has been great. So on Tuesday, it SNOWED - like big time here in Georgia.  Everyone was going CRAZY because it was actually sticking, and the people down here are not prepared!  Us two girls from UT and WA were very excited, so we bundled up, and went out walking!  Because it wasn't our car week.  Everyone felt like they needed to be trapped in their homes because of the weather, so it worked out great for the missionaries! We had an awesome lesson with a less-active family we've been working with, The Solis familia, and her non-member husband Juan sat in on it as we talked about the Plan de Salvation. The Spirit was super strong, and we left them with a commitment to attend church on Sunday. 

So another cool thing happened this week when we scheduled an appointment with Rafael.  We called a different sister than we usually call for a team up for this appointment, Sis DeLaCruz.  We went to the lesson, and when Rafael's daughter, Elsa (who is really interested but works a lot), walked out, Sis DeLaCruz started weeping as they embraced.  Turns out they knew each other because they lived in the same small town in Mexico years and years ago.  So we had a VERY spirit-filled lesson on the Restoration, and committed Rafael to come to church!

Then Saturday, Elder L. Tom Perry came to Knoxville and we got the oppurtunity to attend!  It was a Southwest US ward council leadership training. It was AMAZING! He just walked in so full of energy and the Spirit.  We heard some awesome remarks from Elder Hymas, and then Elder Perry and then we had a question and answer with Elder Rasband and Elder Kopischke and Elder Zwick.  I learned a lot not only to apply as a missionary but to my life and role as a member after my mission.  One of my favorite parts was when someone asked Elder Perry (sort of in jest) how he has so much energy, and he replied, "I believe in ENERGY. I believe in VITALITY - and I believe that it can change a ward and their missionary efforts!"  So I decided I need to live each day and especially work with my ward with an energy as if I'm shot out of a gun!  

So we have another investigator Samuel, he's one of the guys we met playing guitar - he is young and very strictly Catholic, but very open and just an awesome guy.  So Saturday night, our appointment with Samuel cancelled, so we were sad but we invited him to church anyways.

So Sunday morning, we weren't sure who would come.  But Rafael showed up, then Samuel!  Then fast and testimony meeting began and Sis Mora tapped us on the shoulder, and pointed over to Sis Solis and her husband walking in!  After fast and testimony meeting, Rafael asked if he could see the baptismal font.  He is progressing!  All 3 of them stayed for all 3 hours of church. It was a true miracle.  I pray we can continue to work with them and lead them to baptism!

The reason I'm writing today is we had Zone Conference yesterday, where I learned even more about being better as a missionary and person and inviting others to come to Christ more.

I love you all and pray for you every day.  Thank you so so much for your encouragement!  I am excited for another week to do the work of the Lord.

Hermana Collier

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