Tuesday, February 11, 2014

February 10, 2014 -- Happy Valentine's Day :)

Hna Button and I with Familia Torress.  We love them!

Well, I really struggle with coming up with good subject lines, so I guess Happy Valentines Day!  

I just realized I have been in Dalton for 4 months now and been a missionary for almost 6 months, that's crazy!

This week was good.  On P-day, we played soccer in the rain - it was sweet! A bunch of the less active young men from our ward came, which was great. Then we had exchanges and Sister Jones came down here and taught with me for a day in Rocky Face, which was good.  I learned a lot about teaching with the Spirit.   One awesome moment with her was in a lesson with a less-active, Nancy who is 17 and married.  We talked about the gospel of Jesus Christ, then I asked her in what ways is she living up to her baptismal covenant.  She just broke out in tears as she described how she asked her husband about how he feels toward her church and he was not very favorable. So we are praying for her because she has so much potential with such a sweet strong testimony.  

This week we were able to have 2 lessons with Rafael which were really good.  In the second one, Jesus - the grandson - walked in the middle of it.  His mom said to him, "Do you want to be baptized too?" And Jesus said yes!  Ha! it was kind of different from how it usually happens, but pretty great.  I was so happy, and then Jesus said he and Rafael would come to church on Sunday.

Another thing that happened is the Solis family - that part-member/less-active couple went to MEXICO For 3 weeks!  Just upped and left us!  :(

Dalton District! Minus the English sisters.
Elders Anderson and Bueno-Cabral and Hna Button will all be leaving.
 Saturday was transfer calls where we find out solely who's leaving and staying.  Hermana Button is leaving, I will miss my companera/madre so much.  She will be a friend forever. Then I am probably (almost definetely) receiving Hermana Winters on Wednesday.  She's just finished training so I'll be senior! It's pretty crazy.
Yesterday, Sunday, Rafael & Jesus didn't come to church.  This was disappointing...because it means we'll probably push back the baptism date, cause Jesus needs to come to church twice before he can be baptized.  I am nervous about the situation, because Rafael is still nervous about his wife, who belongs to the Jehovah's Witnesses, and never wants us to be over when she's there. So please pray for them to be receptive!  That was the hard part of Sunday, people's agency!  But it was also a good day, because we had a zone fast for Exact Obedience, and then to finish it we had a delicious meal at the Bishop Torres' house with all the missionaries, and afterwards, an amazing mini-testimony meeting.  I love the members here so much.  There was so much love in that room, I can't even say!

I am a little nervous to have a new companion, especially one that I'm older than mission-wise, and to be the one who knows the area. And her first week will be without the car. 

But what I'm realizing is that all that matters is that we're doing the will of the Lord.  I pray that we can really do this!  I am excited.  

Love you all so much!  Thank you for all ya'lls support.  

Hermana Collier

With AnaLia and Clarisa Valenzuela. Their parents are from Santiago, they are the coolest family, and their mom served in Argentina, so they wanted to know if they could get a picture with our plaquas!  It was the cutest thing!

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