Monday, July 6, 2015

Life Lessons Learned

Sometimes I think about those wonderful 18 months, and I think about the friends I made and the pictures I took or didn't take, and the places I got to be in.  But I think sometimes those memories overtake some of the really deep, important things I learned there that I know I need to remember.  So I want to record a couple of those things.  TRUTH from my mission that applies to my life today.

  • Attitude is about the most important part of a person, it is ridiculously contagious.  The attitude you have about the present situation will be the thing that changes first from companion to companion.  You can't do much about the attitudes of others, but you can make sure that the one you bring with you will be a good one.  The attitude you or your companion has will effect and determine a lot of things, but primarily, your personal happiness!
  • Along with this, good fruit should be spread. Bad fruit should be left un-picked on the tree. (good fruit = the good around you, bad fruit = the bad) ;) It is really really hard, but gossip is just not helpful in any way.
  • Often you need to help yourself before you can truly help others.  I saw this in so many ways.  Sometimes you need to take a minute to get on the same foot as your companion before you teach a lesson.  Sometimes you need to fast and show the Lord you are willing to change, or you just need that Spiritual Boost. Sometimes you need to say a prayer randomly in the middle of the day to get the Spirit.  Sometimes Always you need to study your scriptures and say personal prayers before you do anything.  The people you talk to each day will see the difference between someone who is struggling in their own life and someone who has taken time to get it all together.
  • "Have courage and be kind."  One of the first movies I saw after getting back was Cinderella, and this quote really sums up the things I've learned about social skills.  Ask the questions you may be shy to ask, and be the person you truly are!  It takes courage to be bold, but people appreciate it and it saves a lot of misunderstandings and confusion.  Of course, use tact and never say unkind words.  
  • Laugh.  Don't be afraid to just LAUGH! At any and everything.  Love it all.  Embrace the rainy days, the worn shoes, the bad door-slamming days and find ways to pop in a fun sarcastic comment, or make someone laugh themselves.
  • Of course I could go on forever.  But I don't want to forget some of these things. My mission was important to me more than just the amazing friends I've gained, but the truths of eternal importance I've learned! 

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