Monday, November 10, 2014

Monday, November 10, 2014 -- FIrst Week of November

Hey family!

Well not too much to report on this week from Middlesboro. We've had some good experiences, and some not-so good. We had a good lesson with a former investigator named Frances.  We talked about temples, and showed her pictures, and she says she really wants to go into one someday.  I miss the temple a lot!!  

To be honest, there were a lot of hard parts of the week - we dropped a lot of investigators.  One or two dropped us, but the rest we've dropped because of not progressing.  I know that shouldn't be a sad thing because it just means God's preparing more people out there, but it's hard to start from Square 1 sometimes.  

But I do want to share a sweet experience.  Several weeks ago we drove by a house with a girl walking her dogs outside.  I knew we needed to go talk to her, so I parked the car around the corner, but when we arrived, she wasn't there.  Fast forward to this week, the Elders knocked on a door in their valley (Harrogate), and taught a bit to a girl named Ashley, and she said she'd be interested in learning more, but she lives in Middlesboro and just cleans a man's house in Harrogate.  So we received this referral and knocked on her door and talked to Ashley.  She seemed open and receptive and scheduled for us to come back.  It wasn't until walking away that I realized it was the same girl I'd wanted to talk to weeks ago.  I didn't tell her about the earlier experience but I will!  

Saturday we found the local rest home and sang and played music to the patrons.  I love doing this as service hours, it gives me the most warm feeling and positive outlook on life!

We also had our investigator Keller come to church for the last time here on Sunday - he's heading back home to Chattanooga.  He is very innocent and funny and accepting.  You know when you have an investigator sit through a gospel principles class that ends up veering off to gay marriage and other crazy things, and is still positive after that, they're golden!  :)  After he asked some of the brothers from the ward to give him a blessing, and it was such a sweet experience where the Spirit was really strong!  

We got fed every day for the last week and a half.  That has hardly ever happened on my mission, so it's pretty fun. In fact last night we got to this member's home and they said, "Well, we decided to have an early thanksgiving dinner!"  So we had it all, from turkey and stuffing to pie.  Holy cow!

Hermana Collier

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