Monday, September 15, 2014

September 15, 2014 -- A Week of Miracles!

 I learned how to make apple pie!
Hello family!

Well I feel very humble and grateful this week.  We saw some great miracles.  

The first one was on Wednesday -- we had plans to go see a less-active family.  Basically, right before we were heading over to teach them, the sister called and told us that she wanted us to teach her neighbor who was coming over. "Get your pamphlets and Book of Mormons and all your thingies!"  So we came over and met Nina, and they were both so excited to sit and learn about the Restoration.  It was a very spirit-filled lesson and Nina really liked it!  We didn't invite her to be baptized yet but we have an appointment with her tomorrow that we hope goes really well!

Thursday's miracle came in a text late at night.  So remember Stacy?  The one who had a daughter and they were like good to go and then all of a sudden dropped us?  Well, her trial was on Friday, so we prayed about it and decided to text her telling her good luck.  She texted us back and said she misses us and as soon as she gets out of her living situation she'll call us!  We were jumping up and down because we'd thought all hope was lost!!  Sad thing is she doesn't move until January.  But things went well, and she won her hearing, and we know she isn't completely lost anymore.

Friday night we had a meal appointment in Sevierville that got moved an hour later and then an appointment cancelled, so we had nothing to do and we weren't in our area!  So we went to the city park, sat on a bench and prayed that we'd be led to the right people to talk to.  We both felt prompted to approach a young hispanic mom, and talked with her a bit.  It was going well, when all of a sudden a young dad came up to us and said, "You're the Mormons, right!?" We said yes and he said, "I am too!  I've been wanting to come back to church!"  So it turns out that he has like 6 kids between his wife and him and he was raised in the Sevierville ward, moved away, and came back.  If we hadn't been talking to the young mom then he may not have seen us.  I am just learning the importance of following the Spirit in ALL our activities.  It is so important!

This is my comp and I studying at the "theater-church" before district meeting.  
We're funny.  But she's a very good teacher, she's very very smart!! It's tight!
Saturday, we took our bishop's wife to see a less-active sister who is a returned missionary.  I may have mentioned her before.  Anywho we went into her home and talked, then when we started to really share what we'd prepared, she opened up, and the spirit was so strong.  She feels inhibited by her marriage situation, and bitter towards God, and told us she was so grateful to us for bringing the Spirit into her home.  I am so grateful for the prompting to go visit her, because the Spirit was there and it was perfect.

Sunday's miracle was the Elders have a baptism set for next Sunday - and Celeste's date of the 25th hasn't been working out.  So after church we drove to Celeste's and invited her to be baptized in the same service as the elder's investigator next sunday and she accepted!  So now we get to start teaching her all the lessons all this week!  We are just praying that it happens, she's had many dates that have all fallen, but faith remains!

Last night we put on a ward fireside where a psychologist/member of the church came and talked to us about communication in marriage.  It was the greatest, and I love getting these perspectives before I've entered into that stage of life, but when it's still completely applicable!  I believe that explicit communication changes everything, and it is vital to missionary work.  Listening and understanding before talking is vital.  

Well, we had a great week.  Hope you all did too!  I know our Heavenly Father is watching over you and loves you more that you know.  Every one of you. 

Love, Mads 

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  1. For the Last Days and the times that accompany them their is a great promise. Read Malachi 4:2 Who is the Son of Righteousness? Of course, it is Jesus himself looking after us in times of trouble. Love You Grandpa Maynard