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November 4, 2013 -- The Plan of Happiness is Real Y'all!

[Editor's note:  Some readers of this blog may wonder about words like "hilar," "totes," "presh," etc.  Those are Maddy-speak for "hilarious" "totally" "precious" . . . if you come across a word you don't know, consider what possible syllables could follow to make it a word you do know. ]


Gracias for your many sweet letters, I love y'all SO MUCH!!!  CONGRATS Jon and Bri!!!!!  I am sooooooo happy and excited about this!!  This is a VERY good thing I'm going to have a sister!! I can't wait for you two :)

I got to watch the BSA broadcast the next day during our hour, which we can do occasionally, and I strategically planned for the day after the broadcast.  The people in the Dalton State Library probably thought I was pretty weird as I tried not to squeal out of happiness and joy as I watched my cute little brother in it!!!  I Loved it, good job Mom, and Caleb, and everyone else involved!  I was so proud of you Caleb!  You are obviously mature and have worked really hard to perform that well, it's a great example. 

Oh, and Mom that is good that you thought the "Drive thru prayer" is priceless, cause this week wetracted into a guy named Mike, and guess what?  He owns it. Not only that but he wants us to keep coming back and teaching him!  Ha-ha we'll see how far that goes :)

This week has been good.  On Monday, we had our investigators Jonathan and Felicia over to a members home for FHE, the Clarks.  The Clarks are a young couple who both served missions, they were really quite the ideal couple to have our investigators meet.  We talked about the Plan of Salvation, and the Clarks added to the lesson with their insights and testimonies, and the Spirit was so strong.  Things were really clicking for both of them.  At the end, Jonathan said that he felt like the next step they needed to make was join the church. However they both work a whole LOT, including Sundays, so we're still working through all that.

This week we also had the Trunk or Treat.  It was a great time! Felicia came and brought some friends, and Hailey & Kailey and their family came!  Also some less-actives who haven't been to church for months came out, so we were able to talk to them and it was just awesome.  I am starting to really grow a love for our ward and the members here.  They are just GREAT!

Yesterday we didn't have ward council so we got to attend the Spanish Ward which was fabulous.  They are so loving and want sisters there sooo bad.  Then they needed a pianist for RS so I also got to go there as well.  I love them!

This week my testimony in the Plan of Salvation, or Plan of Happiness, has been strengthened a great great deal.  We are spirit children of God, and He sent us here to gain experience and a body, and with that body we have the chance to Love, Teach, Serve, Uplift, and live as the Savior would.  Our goal is to return home to Him, and our families help.  After we die, those who did not have the opportunity to hear the gospel will get that opportunity because we all need to be cleansed by the Savior's Atonement!  I know this is true and invite y'all to read up on it in Preach my Gospel this week!

Hermana Collier

With Felicia at the Trunk or Treat - yes she has a mustache drawn on:)

With cute little girl in our ward, Faith, at the trunk or treat!

Fall in the South is divine!  The trees are all on fire and the weather has been perfect!  We've biked this past week a lot and I have loved every second of it!

Have you always wanted to meet the guy being baptized on the Mission call packet? Well I have.  Well his name is Brother Sanhueza, from Chile, and he lives here in Dalton. He had us for dinner, and I had my call packet with me.  So I just couldn't pass up this opportunity, I had to take a picture!! 

A family in our ward made us cute little Halloween things. Totes presh.

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